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EoP Discorded

February 16th, 2013, 10:52 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 16th, 2013, 10:59 pm

I know you all thought about it to...

Anyway, it passed my mind and I realized how funny and kinda disturbing it'd be if we were totally discorded.
I'd be a zombeh-KILLIT!!! D:<
Prez would be scared of anything and everything and constantly have a shield up around her.
Lugbzurg, I dunno. The complete opposite of integrity could be pretty scary.
Green would yell and scream at everyone he see's, being MOST unfriendly, I say -^-
Bruce wouldn't even get dressed in the morning, and go on about the end of the world all the time, and write sad messages all over himself XD
Epic would be boring -_- So boring in fact, that if he see's a silly straw, he'll bend and flatten it until it's straight.
I featured some guests just to show what it would be like just to be around a discorded. Krystal's with me, Baby Seera with Lugbzurg, and Remus with Green.

So the moral is, enjoy who you are.

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User's Comments:

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 16th, 2013, 11:09 pm

This is just... excellent. XD

But I have one question. If I wouldn't bother getting dressed in the morning, then why would I go through the trouble of putting on a fabulous robe and slippers? *shot*

But I love how Epic becomes sophisticated and stiff. Even to the point of scribbleing out his own cutiemark.

Reply epicness, February 16th, 2013, 11:33 pm

The funny thing is,that i thought the person Green yelled at was Ness,until i scrolled to the left XD

Reply GabrielsThoughts, February 17th, 2013, 4:24 pm

Naturally, as a person who has done nothing to contribute anything notable to the creative process of Elements of Peace...

At this time, I feel like launching several meaningless complaints that I expect you to pay very close attention to, as it will no doubt impress upon you the urgency with which you need to question everything you are currently doing in order to pay attention to me and by extension the many readers at your disposal.

Now, with regards to the character traits depicted above, are you absolutely certain they don't closely reflect the character flaws and vulnerabilities of the actual persons as opposed to actual opposites of whatever.

The opposite of integrity is inconsistency, LugZ would behave more like Pinky Pie, than a bully.

Prez already seems skittish, being vocal and railing against what scares and worries you is a form of protective shielding, so I guess there wouldn't be much of a change there except maybe for sympathy.

Being depressed is a conditioned lack of social motivation and trained helplessness....

I also find it interesting that you equate order with being boring.

I don't know, all of them still seem as if they would be able to function as a team.

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 17th, 2013, 4:48 pm

@GabrielsThoughts: Oh. Okay.

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 17th, 2013, 4:54 pm

Well THIS episode was interesting! So many songs! (But I loved it ^^) Imma go download them all now...
And would you look at that? A place that looked like it could be the Celestial Realms. What a coincidence...

Reply epicness, February 17th, 2013, 4:55 pm

@Fiora Aroura:


Reply Fiora Aroura, February 17th, 2013, 5:06 pm

@epicness: She has a beautiful voice ^_^

Reply epicness, February 17th, 2013, 5:07 pm

@Fiora Aroura:

Reply Lugbzurg, February 17th, 2013, 7:15 pm

@GabrielsThoughts: Different kind of "integrity". In which case, she got it pretty right.

@Fiora Aroura: Epicness. Made. Me. Laugh.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 17th, 2013, 9:21 pm

Hey, this makes me wonder, if Seera is such a reckless daredevil normally, then what would she be like all discorded? My guess is overprotective and slightly cowardly. I mean like, she puts on a THICK layer of bubble wrap before leaving the house and seals herself in laminated plastic when she goes to bed... with air holes of course.

Reply Riskfan, February 17th, 2013, 10:03 pm

I don't know why but epicness made me laff so hard the first time I saw that.

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 18th, 2013, 12:45 am

@Lugbzurg: Well. That's. Fantastic. XD

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Can dragons be discorded? If so, I assume your guess is correct. Though, perhaps not wearing bubble wrap everywhere. Don't want to be too much like discord Prez.......She'd be like Nemo's dad! XDD

@Riskfan: You know, that's funny cuz Epic was the one I wasn't sure of what to do with ^^;

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 18th, 2013, 3:28 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Leg! Teach me how to run fast! XDD

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 18th, 2013, 3:35 pm

Is anyone shocked that this person is a man?

@Fiora Aroura: Oh, dat PewDiePie guy. He hates us all.

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 18th, 2013, 3:57 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: BARRELS!

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 18th, 2013, 8:50 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Oh hey, you know what else you'd do Bruce? You'd walk around telling people "It's no use!"

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 18th, 2013, 9:17 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Does that include tossing people up in the air and repeating the process for all eternity?

Reply Riskfan, February 18th, 2013, 9:32 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: GAHHHHH NOT THOSE MEMORIES.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 19th, 2013, 12:12 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Course not! You send them... to the moon!

Or you just turn all the bridges invisible and the surrounding area into a ghost town.

That is... assuming you're not vulnerable to tiny tornadoes a couple yards away.

Reply stormcasterc, February 19th, 2013, 5:05 pm

@Fiora Aroura: stephano (being a bro is awsome)

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 19th, 2013, 5:46 pm

"My name is not BUNNY!" -Syndrome

Reply Lugbzurg, February 19th, 2013, 5:51 pm

@Fiora Aroura: "Buddy". He said "Buddy", not "Bunny".

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 19th, 2013, 5:52 pm

@Lugbzurg: I know but it sounds like he's saying Bunny XDD

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 19th, 2013, 6:59 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I am SYNDROM!! Your nemesis and- .... Oh great. -_-;

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 19th, 2013, 9:08 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I'M SORRY BRUCE! I KNOW YOU'RE UPSET!
*whispers to Bruce*
Pretend to be upset.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 19th, 2013, 9:10 pm

@Fiora Aroura: *cries hystarically and runs out of room*

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 19th, 2013, 9:11 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: XDDDDD

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 19th, 2013, 9:24 pm

@Fiora Aroura: IT'S NAHT FUNNEH! *cries moar*

Reply Riskfan, February 20th, 2013, 8:05 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: its actually quite funny.


Reply Lugbzurg, February 20th, 2013, 11:43 am

@Riskfan: How do you do that? With the multiple silent Es, I mean. Do you pronounce it like "Spesssse"?

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 20th, 2013, 5:44 pm

"Hey, you're that kid from the fanclub! Brody..B-Bunny! Bunnyyy >:(" -Mr. Incredible

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 20th, 2013, 6:37 pm

@Fiora Aroura: My NAME... is Incrediboy...

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 20th, 2013, 8:14 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Fly home Bunny. I work alone.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 20th, 2013, 9:05 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Oh c'mon! Just give me a chance! I'll go get the police! I'll show ya! *jumps out of window but forgets to turn rocket boots on* ....

Reply greenpowerstar, February 20th, 2013, 10:29 pm

Hey, guys! Sorry it's been a while, but my computer's down. :(

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 21st, 2013, 12:10 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Bunny! Wait! Stop! There's a bomb! *grabs onto cape*

@greenpowerstar: WAAZAAAAAAAP!

Reply greenpowerstar, February 21st, 2013, 6:14 am

@Fiora Aroura: Not much. I went to my first con.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 21st, 2013, 9:23 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I don't suppose you're familiar with an RPG called "Riviera: The Promised Land"? I first heard about it from the quote at the top of this TV Tropes page.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 21st, 2013, 12:39 pm

@Lugbzurg: You know, it's true actually. Logically, angel's can't fly with their wings because their body mass is too great and their wings can't support that. This actually brings to mind of Pit from Kid Icarus and that he can't fly. In Kid Icarus Uprising, it's mentioned that he can't fly because his wings are way too small to even get him very far off the ground.... although, Palutena objects to this, simply saying that "His wings don't work right." which Pit finds embarrasing and a sensitive subject.

Hades: "So tell me, Pitty-pat; Why is it that you can't fly?"
Pit: "That's none of your buisness!!"
Hades: "Sorrrrrry, I didn't know it was such a touchy subject."
Palutena: "Oh, don't worry about him his, uh... His wings don't work right."
Pit: "Hey! Who's side are you on, anyway!?"

Reply Lugbzurg, February 21st, 2013, 2:34 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: That's definitely one the #1 3DS games I've gotta try out.

Similarly, Serene has even smaller (bat-like) wings, and she can fly just fine. Of course, her teammates never cease to find uses for that, having her fly to specific short-distance areas for them. Of course, the opposite happens, too. Whenever they have to struggle to cross a particular area and Serene just flies right over it, they insist that she's cheating.
(Being the type of RPG it is, you can agree with them or take her side in the argument.)

So, I take it you haven't played this game?
I finally got you, then. It's got a pretty catchy soundtrack.

Reply Riskfan, February 21st, 2013, 5:37 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I love kid Icarus uprising.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 21st, 2013, 6:56 pm

Somebody make some sense of this madness.

Reply Riskfan, February 21st, 2013, 7:14 pm


Reply Lugbzurg, February 21st, 2013, 9:08 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I'll tell you madness.

At some point in the game, there's a door to a room with a crystal key it it. To open the door, there's a large button on the floor, which needs a lot of weight to be pressed down.

It's up to you to determine which of the girls you think is the heaviest to stay behind and keep the button pressed down so the rest of you can find the key.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 21st, 2013, 9:18 pm

@Lugbzurg: Oh, that's simple: Choose the fat chick! :D *brick'd*

Reply Riskfan, February 21st, 2013, 9:27 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: no. Choose the heavy class

Reply Lugbzurg, February 21st, 2013, 9:37 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I love how Ein will justify whatever choice the player makes.

"I thought you'd be ok by yourself." (Fia)
"It's dangerous up ahead." (Lina)
"You're the strongest, so I thought..." (Serene)
"Well, you're the oldest." (Ciera)

I chose the latter. She wasn't much in combat, anyway. Oh, and you can even chose to have Rose, the talking cat with bat wings, sit on the button, although, she is much too light.
(Same with Lina, since she's a child.)

However, Serene was the most amusing. As soon as she steps on the button, she immediately begins flapping her wings so that the button is barely pressed down. Everyone notices, of course, and chews her out for trying to fake her weight.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 22nd, 2013, 11:00 am

@Fiora Aroura: Have you noticed the sheer amount of pictures depicting these three?

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 22nd, 2013, 2:19 pm

@Lugbzurg: 8/ I don't often look for gay shipping.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 22nd, 2013, 2:42 pm

@Fiora Aroura: That's not what I meant. -_-'

I meant the numerous images containing Jack Skellington, Danny Phantom, and Slenderman in the same general vicinity. Something I thought would make you squee.

Besides, I only saw the picture on FaceBook (with no title), and asked if the poster still had the original URL lying around.

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 22nd, 2013, 3:15 pm

@Lugbzurg: I don't know who Danny Phantom is but...squeeeee..I guess.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 22nd, 2013, 3:51 pm

@Fiora Aroura: You never watched Danny Phantom?
That was one of my favorite shows on Nickelodeon.

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 22nd, 2013, 4:43 pm

@Lugbzurg: Nah. I always was watching Fairly Odd Parents. But only when I was bored.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 22nd, 2013, 6:42 pm

@Fiora Aroura: As a matter of fact, it was from the creator of The Fairly Oddparents. However, it's a more action-oriented show, geared towards an older audience. It's about a 14-year-old who... You know what? The theme song will bring you up to speed.
Simply put, he takes on the alias of "Danny Phantom" as this half-human/half-ghost superhero. (Oh, and he gets that "D/P" insignia later in the series) It was awesome. My favorite of Butch Hartman's works!

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 22nd, 2013, 9:42 pm

Nick's line up is nowhere near as good as it used to be... and Disney's line-up makes me cough up bits of lung with every live-action show that is broadcasted.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 22nd, 2013, 10:09 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Hannah Montana is essentially Call of Duty in Disney Channel form.

Reply Riskfan, February 22nd, 2013, 10:13 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: even though I'm young. I remember when nicks shows were so good. Now I aviod the channel

Reply Lugbzurg, February 22nd, 2013, 11:27 pm

@Riskfan: the plague.

Meanwhile, Cartoon Network has brought back Toonami. Because of this, I have been able to watch Soul Eater. And I'm lovin' every second of it!

Reply Riskfan, February 22nd, 2013, 11:44 pm

@Lugbzurg: Me, we cant get cartoonnetwork. So I usually use netflix to watch good shows. Like Danny phantom. Or use youtube to watch anime.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 23rd, 2013, 12:09 am

@Riskfan: I love how FUNimation has gobs and gobs of their shows just sitting on YouTube for anyone to watch. Very much appreciated.

Reply Riskfan, February 23rd, 2013, 12:18 am

@Lugbzurg: indeed. Very convienent. Their like "want these awesome shows? Take em"

Reply greenpowerstar, February 23rd, 2013, 9:45 am

@Lugbzurg: I haven't really seen much Soul Eater. I mainly watch Hetalia, Sgt. Frog, and Fruits Basket.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 23rd, 2013, 10:58 am

@greenpowerstar: Fruits Basket sounds familiar. I still have more training to do before charging up to Otaku.

@comicboy: You haven't watched a lot of educational shows, then.

Reply Riskfan, February 23rd, 2013, 11:23 am

@comicboy: the magic school bus is freaking awesome.

Reply greenpowerstar, February 23rd, 2013, 1:08 pm

@comicboy: No. Just no. Please, just stop. Now.

@Lugbzurg: It was my first one. My sister had judged MLP before watching it, and I did the same with Fruits Basket. So, on one weekend we showed each other 4-6 episodes each, and now I watch Fruits Basket often and she draws MLP fanart (even my sister can art better than me T_T).

Reply Riskfan, February 23rd, 2013, 1:42 pm

@greenpowerstar: mlp is probly one of the few good things on. i wouldnt know, seeing as how my parents wont let me watch it.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 23rd, 2013, 1:47 pm

@Riskfan: Dan vs. is on the same channel!

Reply Riskfan, February 23rd, 2013, 1:48 pm

@Lugbzurg: i know. but, 1 i dont get the hub, and 2 my parents think that watching a "girly show" makes other people think im homosexual. im not kidding

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 23rd, 2013, 1:57 pm

@Riskfan: XDD Well, it certainly isn't the manliest thing either.

Reply Riskfan, February 23rd, 2013, 1:58 pm

@Fiora Aroura: i know.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 23rd, 2013, 2:01 pm

@Riskfan: I think I've heard the same thing about some sort of animé called "Sailor Moon". I don't really know anything about it, though.

Reply Riskfan, February 23rd, 2013, 2:03 pm

@Lugbzurg: i have only heard of it. Maybe look at Wikipedia?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 23rd, 2013, 4:17 pm

@Riskfan: S'okay man. I've had my share of people calling me a homo for watching MLP... Then I found out THEY were Bronies too and that kinda stopped. But mostly because I just used logic everytime it came up.

"Dude, you watch My Little Pony? What are you, gay?"
"No sir, I am not. It is virtually impossible for a television program to change my sexuality, and if you believe something like that can happen, I suggest taking a long look at your education."

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 23rd, 2013, 7:24 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Aw come on Bruce. You know making a prissy remark like that is just asking for it.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 23rd, 2013, 7:56 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Maybe to smart people. But I had the luxury of attending a high school where everyone but a very few set of people were about as knowledgable as a brick. :/

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 23rd, 2013, 8:00 pm

So I just saw the upcoming PlayStation 4 presentation. Wow. I am very disapointed in how Sony went about it this time. -_-

Reply Lugbzurg, February 23rd, 2013, 8:46 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Perhaps you'd prefer to watch the abridged version!

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 23rd, 2013, 9:19 pm

@Lugbzurg: Actually, that entire thing is the whole reason why I was completely disapointed. Nothing about the games... Also that guy obsessing over the graphics on the wheels and leather of the seats in that car game was very disturbing to me. I swear he was one sentence away from ripping off his clothes and pouncing on the graphics engine. Like seriously, did you see the announcement? I WISH I were joking.

Reply Riskfan, February 23rd, 2013, 11:43 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I have only just heard of the ps4. From a friend who never plays nintendo games because in his exact words "beacuase they aren't first person shooters"

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 23rd, 2013, 11:58 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: You remind me so much of Francis XD

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 24th, 2013, 1:20 am

@Fiora Aroura: Francis... That nerdy lizard guy that collects butterflies and watches nothing but weird anime?

Reply greenpowerstar, February 24th, 2013, 7:59 am

@Riskfan: Yeah, pretty much. That's why I watch YouTube instead.

@Lugbzurg: I enjoyed Dan Vs. a lot. c:

Also, speaking of abridging, MY VOICE GIVES ME SUPER STRENGTH

@Bruce the Hedgehound: High technicaaaaal.

Reply Riskfan, February 24th, 2013, 8:38 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: schweet.

Reply Riskfan, February 24th, 2013, 8:41 am

@greenpowerstar: ive watched a couple episodes at a freinds house. "your bribing me with a sandwitch" Dan " you'll no longer Ba a starving artist. Ya know what? Ill throw in a bag of chips"

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 24th, 2013, 12:09 pm

@greenpowerstar: "I've been holding in the biggest friendship speech of my life and now you're going to listen to it!"

Reply epicness, February 24th, 2013, 1:36 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound:
What's so bad about PS4?

Reply greenpowerstar, February 24th, 2013, 3:53 pm


Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 24th, 2013, 4:23 pm

@epicness: It's not that there is anything bad... besides trying to sell us the Vita and that stupid social media... It's that there's nothing GOOD.

Reply Riskfan, February 24th, 2013, 4:31 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: indeed.

Reply Riskfan, February 24th, 2013, 9:23 pm

Anyone play Gotham city imposters?

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 24th, 2013, 9:55 pm

@Lugbzurg: Hey, hard question: Would you sell your favorite OC for 1 million dollars?

Reply greenpowerstar, February 24th, 2013, 10:00 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I wish consoles these days had more original names. Adding a U or having increasing numbers is lazy. Sega was good about not doing that. They had a pattern of usually having names related to space, so it wasn't as confusing as Nintendo's random name choices, and they never changed just a letter or number like what Nintendo, Sony, and (probably) Microsoft do now.

Reply Riskfan, February 24th, 2013, 10:04 pm

@greenpowerstar: xbox 720. Calling it.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 24th, 2013, 10:18 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Easy question; HECK, NO! I could make SEVERAL million with just Koro alone! Besides, that guy's a piece of my soul! What kind of money could be enough to give that up!?

@greenpowerstar: The only time they ever did that was with the short-lived Sega Saturn. Genesis/Mega Drive, Game Gear/Master System, Mega CD, 32X, DreamCast... None of those systems had space-related names.

Reply Riskfan, February 24th, 2013, 10:29 pm

@Lugbzurg: SPACEEEEE

Reply Fiora Aroura, February 24th, 2013, 11:10 pm

@Lugbzurg: Well ya don't have to yell >_>'
But I was thinking the same thing with Zee Zee.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 25th, 2013, 12:27 am

*puts controller down* Welp. It's official. Bayonetta has THE weirdest/awesomest outfit I've seen so far in gaming.

Reply greenpowerstar, February 25th, 2013, 6:31 am

@Riskfan: Yeah, exactly.

@Lugbzurg: Oh well. That's still less random.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 25th, 2013, 10:49 am

@Fiora Aroura: Too loud?

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I've seen weirder... and more awesome. Oddly enough, you ever thought you-know-who, the princess who took on a more humanoid form at the end of the game looks a lot like Beyonetta with too much makeup on?

@greenpowerstar: But if anyone was the most random, it was Sega! It takes some serious planning ahead to subtract three and add four, right?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 25th, 2013, 1:45 pm

@Lugbzurg: I dunno... I wasn't paying attention because of the huge demons that Bayonetta was conjuring. But seriously, there must be some great dedication to comb your hair into a cat-suit.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 25th, 2013, 3:23 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Well, she CAN control it. Even better than what'sherhairdemon from Inuyasha.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 25th, 2013, 3:57 pm

@Lugbzurg: You mean Yura of the Hair. And she could only control strands of hair for attacking. Bayonetta can not only do that, but can comb it into a cat suit and use it as a conduit to Hell! Let's see Yura do that! ...On second thought, let's not. o.o

Reply Riskfan, February 25th, 2013, 4:01 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: did you hear bayonettas in anarchy reigns

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 25th, 2013, 4:24 pm

@Riskfan: I didn't play Anarchy Reigns. I wasn't into Madworld very much to begin with anyways, but I don't doubt it since Bayonetta and Anarchy Reigns were both published by Sega.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 25th, 2013, 4:27 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I love how the first line in Beyonetta is some guy talking about Doctor Eggman!

@Riskfan: Did you know Beyonetta had a chance to be in Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed? There was a vote Sega put up and she scored 4th. Only the top three would make it in. The winners were Segata Sanshiro... somebody else, and... oh, yeah... Miku.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 25th, 2013, 4:55 pm

@Lugbzurg: And the Team Fortres 2 cast!

Reply Lugbzurg, February 25th, 2013, 8:54 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Yeah, well Miku and the rest are DLC. The Team Fortress 2 stuff is exclusive to the Steam version.

Reply Riskfan, February 25th, 2013, 8:58 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Wait. Tf2 in a racing game? LET ME GET THAT GAME.

Reply greenpowerstar, February 25th, 2013, 9:13 pm

@Lugbzurg: Whatever. XP

Reply Lugbzurg, February 25th, 2013, 9:49 pm

@Riskfan: Oddly enough, as soon as I saw you saying that, I got a notification telling me someone's playing Team Fortress 2 on Steam.

But yes. There is playable content relating to Team Fortress 2 in Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. Wanna play as the Heavy Weapons Guy and all that cool stuff? It's exclusive to the Steam version. (Well, if it's on PC CD-ROM, I'm not sure.) You won't get it on X-Box 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PS Vita, or 3DS. Get it on Steam. There's also stuff from Football manager (for... reasons?) and... something else. I forget.

Reply greenpowerstar, February 25th, 2013, 10:13 pm

@Lugbzurg: And in the XBox version, Banjo drives a car again.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 25th, 2013, 10:45 pm

@greenpowerstar: Banjo's in Transformed?

Reply Riskfan, February 26th, 2013, 7:20 am

@Lugbzurg: the shogun from total war shogun

Reply greenpowerstar, February 26th, 2013, 4:25 pm

@Lugbzurg: I saw him in one of them. I don't remember which.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 27th, 2013, 1:02 pm

@comicboy: Annoying Orange? That's... Just another idiotic thing that exploded on YouTube... like Rebecca Black. And PewDiePie.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 27th, 2013, 5:54 pm

@comicboy: That was Bruce's point.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 27th, 2013, 9:24 pm

@comicboy: Because there are over 2million idiots on the internet. A shocking number but that's the truth.

Reply greenpowerstar, February 27th, 2013, 9:56 pm

>ad for ponychan or something

Reply Riskfan, February 28th, 2013, 7:57 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: and I'm one of em. Yayyyyyy

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, February 28th, 2013, 9:20 am

@Riskfan: I am so sorry. ;w; *gives chocolate*

Reply Riskfan, February 28th, 2013, 10:16 am


Reply epicness, February 28th, 2013, 2:47 pm


I made a terrible mistake.




Reply Riskfan, February 28th, 2013, 3:39 pm

@epicness: i dont get it.

Reply Lugbzurg, February 28th, 2013, 6:00 pm

@epicness: Could be much worse. You could have majorly upset a diclonius girl.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 2nd, 2013, 8:24 pm

Guys. I think I'm broken right now... I did some heavy lifting and my upper and lower back hurt as well as my right arm. >___<

Reply Riskfan, March 2nd, 2013, 11:19 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: your not the only one who's broken. My leg gave out on me and I fell down somenstairs.

Reply epicness, March 3rd, 2013, 2:34 pm

@Lugbzurg: One question.

Is it true that you were the Hitler of a ''Lugwar'' and you were the reason of the banning of over 40 users and you orchestrated all of that?

Reply greenpowerstar, March 3rd, 2013, 4:55 pm

@epicness: Oh, not this.

Reply Lugbzurg, March 3rd, 2013, 7:28 pm

@epicness: No.

Reply epicness, March 3rd, 2013, 7:29 pm


Then why is it called ''The Lugwar''?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 3rd, 2013, 8:10 pm

@epicness: From what I heard, it was a war.... circled around Lug. But from the context, it seemed like people just acting like kids and throwing bad insults at each other with no justification, and even worse, less provocation.

Reply epicness, March 3rd, 2013, 8:11 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound:
Kinda like that 20-cold war mostly between Fiora and Lug?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 3rd, 2013, 9:25 pm

@epicness: Well... Kinda like that, but from what I heard, the stuff surrounding Lug is on legendary status that it's kinda known by a lot of spriters on the site.

Reply Dr. Drago, March 3rd, 2013, 10:04 pm

@epicness: Well, 'The Lug War' was one of the names given to that war. I think the actual name of it was The First SJ Mass Spriter Ban or something like that.

But I think that war started because some guy flamed Lug's comic Sonic Future.

So then everywhere Lug commented during that time became a shitstorm.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 3rd, 2013, 11:15 pm

@epicness: Other people don't get you banned. Being a tard does.

Reply greenpowerstar, March 3rd, 2013, 11:35 pm

@epicness: It's times like these that I love that 10-year-old me was completely oblivious to negativity on the internet and just read and enjoyed the comic with no worries.

Reply Lugbzurg, March 4th, 2013, 9:16 am

A user called "RenTech" commented on Sonic Future, asking at what time did it "start becoming such a display of Christianity". So, I simply replied with a link, and he was all like "Ok". Next thing I knew, "DP!? In this $#*$@% comic!? Blahblahblahblahblahflameflameflameflameflame!!!" I asked him multiple times to stop, but as far as I could tell, his only response seemed to be continuing and potentially inviting others to join him. This was before Smack Jeeves allowed you to ban troublesome users from commenting.

Then, for reasons unknown, they decided to go to the Smack Jeeves Admin's comics and start a flame war on them. All participants were banned. For more unexplained reasons, those who weren't stupid enough to try that nonsense were still idiotic enough to blame me for the bannings.

Also, remember MohomidIguana? The guy that runs The Pony-Posting Place and caused such an uproar in how poorly he treats everyone there? He used to be called "Jesus Lizard". And he was a major part of the flamings. He even wrote a poem specifying about how everyone must treat me like dirt. The Admin saw it and banned him for it. He also got banned again with a duplicate (or "sock puppet") account. What's so bizarre about this is that I'd done nothing but good for him. We were even working together in an author comic called "When Authors Unite", run by hvac_tech a few years back, and I was the one vouching for him when he wanted to join. That guy confuses me.

Reply Dr. Drago, March 4th, 2013, 9:57 am


But its kinda funny how the war started over someone enforcing Christianity in a Sonic comic.

Seems kinda ridiculous if you ask me.

Reply Lugbzurg, March 4th, 2013, 11:53 am

@Dr. Drago: That wasn't how it happened at all.

Reply Dr. Drago, March 4th, 2013, 12:10 pm

@Lugbzurg: yeahiknowbutstill

That entire war was ridiculous

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 4th, 2013, 7:07 pm

@Lugbzurg: I heard about that Jesus Lizard bloke. I know about his current account, but I just choose to ignore stuff that happened in the past... Even though he has bouts of intolerence and unjustified rudeness at times... Actually, I think he was a major factor in why Fiora left that comic. Something about saying her art was good, then turning tail and admitting it was terrible because of wings or something. :/

Found it~

Reply Riskfan, March 4th, 2013, 7:55 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: that is a badass drwaing.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 6th, 2013, 12:58 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: "Ah, I hate that guy." -Gru

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 6th, 2013, 3:20 am

@Fiora Aroura: :O

Reply Riskfan, March 6th, 2013, 7:12 am

@Fiora Aroura: Did you hear there making a second one?

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 6th, 2013, 4:08 pm

Pewdiepie just started playing Kingdom Hearts!
"Soooo aweshuuuuuum!" ^0^

@Riskfan: Yep.

Reply Riskfan, March 6th, 2013, 8:33 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I like it when he plays horror games. Or worms.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 6th, 2013, 9:04 pm

@Riskfan: ikr?
This scream had me laughing so hard! XDD

Worm games? Ain't very much of those.

Reply Riskfan, March 6th, 2013, 9:06 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I know. There still funny.

Reply Riskfan, March 6th, 2013, 9:07 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I like the beef jerky better

Reply greenpowerstar, March 6th, 2013, 9:46 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Light bulb.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 7th, 2013, 12:21 am

@greenpowerstar: "Yes yes, I went to Kindergarten. I know how the alphabet works."

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 8th, 2013, 4:19 pm

Gone for the weekend guys.

Buh bye ^^

Reply Riskfan, March 8th, 2013, 5:27 pm

@Fiora Aroura: bye.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 8th, 2013, 8:32 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Fare-thee-well Fiora.

This means I'M in charge! >:D *grabs stun prod*

Reply Riskfan, March 8th, 2013, 9:40 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: FIGHT. *grasps fav weapon from kid Icarus uprising and lightsaper* Bring it.

Reply greenpowerstar, March 9th, 2013, 9:39 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Please don't hurt me. :<

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 10th, 2013, 11:51 am

@Riskfan: *places stun prod on Risk's neck and fries him to a crispy, golden-brown*
I already brung'd it sista!

@greenpowerstar: I'm not gonna hurt'cha... Provided you don't tell Fiora about me flash frying Risk over there... >>

Reply Riskfan, March 10th, 2013, 12:32 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: FOOL. It will take more than a stun rod to stop me! *uses burning palm to fire at Bruce*

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 10th, 2013, 3:15 pm

@Riskfan: >:C *administers another shock*

Reply Riskfan, March 10th, 2013, 4:08 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: NO. *punches bruce in the face*

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 10th, 2013, 6:00 pm

@Riskfan: *grabs fist with teeth then shocks again*

Reply Riskfan, March 10th, 2013, 6:27 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: FALCON PAWNCH * bruce goes flying*

Reply Lugbzurg, March 10th, 2013, 6:46 pm


Reply Riskfan, March 10th, 2013, 6:52 pm

@Lugbzurg: he is dead. Not big suprise.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 10th, 2013, 8:36 pm

I is back from my girls weekend and whaddya know, me and my cousin recorded ourselves playing Slender while we were up there XD
It's just our voices though. No video. But y'all pretty much know what goes down in Slender.

(I wasn't kidding when I said Slender man freaks me out XD)

Reply Riskfan, March 10th, 2013, 8:45 pm

@Fiora Aroura: am I the only one that hasn't posted a video?

Reply greenpowerstar, March 10th, 2013, 10:07 pm

@Riskfan: I haven't.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 10th, 2013, 10:22 pm

Oh, there is also a part 2.

Reply greenpowerstar, March 10th, 2013, 11:29 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Are you a big LittleKuriboh fan? I heard someone saying, "Hey, guys. Can I be in your movie?"

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 11th, 2013, 7:16 am

@Fiora Aroura: I once did a video but I never posted it because during the middle of it, I kinda jumped back and my audio cam fell down... and my roommate was laughing like a frickin' hyena the whole time, so it's actually pretty annoying. >>

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 11th, 2013, 2:09 pm

4 years of not throwing up

down the drain -_-

Reply Lugbzurg, March 11th, 2013, 3:07 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I use the toilet.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 11th, 2013, 3:16 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Only four? Last I can remember blowing chunks was 10 years ago... when I drank some nasty medicine.

@Lugbzurg: D'ooooh! I see what you did thar! XD

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 11th, 2013, 7:42 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: It could have been longer. But most of us who went to that weekend came home sick. btw what do you think, my cousin said she figured out how to record gameplay on her computer. So I could delete those ones and put up the new one when we do it, or just leave them there and have 3 Slender videos.

@Lugbzurg: If you're trying to get rid of me, it's working.

Reply greenpowerstar, March 12th, 2013, 6:17 am

@Fiora Aroura: Just use HyperCam or fraps or something.

Also, I think the last time I threw up was two or three years ago. Also, I did have a terrible cough after Kami Con. I still dunno why. 8/

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 12th, 2013, 7:11 am

@Fiora Aroura: Aw. You have my utmost empathy. I know what it's like to have an awesome weekend but suffer from wicked sickness. Like, once, I went to New York City and was totally fine, but when I came home I inexplicably got a horrible cough and stomach pains. I'm still not even sure what caused it. As for the video, well, there's this think called FaceCam that people use for reaction videos. But if you're okay with just audio reactions, I say you keep the old ones so we can see how much you progressed through the game. XD

Reply Lugbzurg, March 12th, 2013, 1:10 pm

Guys! I made a new hero! The world needs another hero!

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 12th, 2013, 1:23 pm

@Lugbzurg: All of his weapons look like something developed by Fisher Price and Hasbro. o.e

Reply Lugbzurg, March 12th, 2013, 3:53 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: He's got a three-headed chaingun, a seven-barreled shotgun, two twin-barreled pistols, a radioactive chicken-launcher, a fireworks launcher, and a punching gauntlet. The fight against The Weird is set.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 12th, 2013, 5:42 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Oh but it was worth it. What I forgot to mention was that my sister surprised us all by showing up after she tricked us all into thinking she "couldn't make it" XD
That was the BEST moment of my life, seeing her walk into the family room after seeing my niece and wondering how she got there XD especially since I hadn't seen her for 3 years.

@Lugbzurg: How come no one looks at your art?

Reply Lugbzurg, March 12th, 2013, 8:20 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Probably because they think I'm trying to get rid of them or something...

Er... uhh... Well, virtually everything I've posted has been original work. Not much in the way of "fanart" beyond that Zapper picture. So there's barely anything that people would recognize or actively search for. It may be time to draw some fanart soon. And I may even be starting a manga sometime next year.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 13th, 2013, 9:34 pm

@Lugbzurg: Fanart pictures aren't always the case. (My fanart pictures get less attention than my original ones) You need to throw your art out there all over. Submit them to a ton of groups for starters. (And as I said, people really like comics) People are people. They won't come to you, you have to go to them.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 14th, 2013, 11:17 pm

My brother got Wreck it Ralph and watches it like 6 times a day >_>

(But that's okay cuz I love it ^^)

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 15th, 2013, 12:38 am

@Fiora Aroura: Well it IS the only good and best video game movie ever. :3

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 15th, 2013, 10:54 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: And it was such a good movie in theaters to :) I LOVED that Hero's Duty game! (reminded me of Halo ^_^)

Reply Lugbzurg, March 15th, 2013, 12:44 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: *ahem* It's not the only good one.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 15th, 2013, 5:34 pm

@Lugbzurg: Okay, I'll give you THAT one. Scott Pilgrim is awesome... I especially liked that part when Scott is imagining Knives I think in a dream and you can hear the Zelda Fairy Fountain theme.

@Fiora Aroura: I wish it were inspired by Halo. I'm not a fan of the series but I admit it's a great series nontheless. Instead it was more than likely inspired by that brown/gray slog known as Call of Duty them young kids can't bear to be without these days. Like, you wouldn't believe how kids these days are so fixated on that stuff. Like they'll foam their mouths unless they're shooting minorities in the head... Besides, the game's not even that "mature". Now a game like Far Cry 3... THAT is mature. o__o
Ironically, Far Cry 3 happens to be bright and colorful instead of the usual gunmetal gray and dystopia brown.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 15th, 2013, 7:19 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Call of Duty? I didn't think so. Hero's Duty had more blues and greens and futuristic things. More like Halo. Perhaps the name was just a nod.

(I thought Call of Duty was interesting :( )

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 15th, 2013, 7:37 pm

@Fiora Aroura: It might be, it might not be. I say Call of Duty because the game was extremely popular at the time, where as Halo 4 wasn't out yet, therefor renewing the series again.

(yeah, I'm not exactly being fair. Specifically i mean the Modern Warfare series. The first few Call of Duty's almost a decade ago were alright. And Black Ops is just sensory overload with things constantly exploding. )

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 15th, 2013, 10:59 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Perhaps. Or maybe Disney just thought it up on their own. They're good at that.
Hey, did I ever show you this?

I'm not using it cause it's all pixelated cause Gimp can't animate something with SO MUCH COLOR!! BWAAAAH IT BURNS!!! DX


Reply Lugbzurg, March 15th, 2013, 11:20 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Most people seem to make the connection with Gears of War, which, from what little I've seen seems more colorful than that. Or at least the third one.

@Fiora Aroura: I have sparkles.

There's actually this big videogame event coming up where I'm at, and I was actually thinking about poking around in the campaign of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 16th, 2013, 12:10 am

@Lugbzurg: Gears of War is actually the shooter series that begun the REALISMMMMM!!! tradition in video games in recent years. That and the grey enviornments. It'd kind of evident with games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and the later Uncharted games. But srsly, I once played Modern Warfare 3 at a friends place, and everything was in this almost sepia tone color that I honestly thought he messed with the color settings on his TV. And I can kinda see how Heroes Duty relates to Gears of War a lot. Aliens invading, and all the humans are dressed in what is essentially a miniaturized tank mixed with a refrigerator. XD

@Fiora Aroura: There is always that possibility.

It's. Frickin'. AWESOME! I have to say, I do like all the fade animations you've implimented lately with our banners here. ^^

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 16th, 2013, 1:11 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I get way too bored. I've got to stop doing things for this comic.
(Though, that probably was the last thing I did/doing for it).

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 16th, 2013, 11:07 am

@Fiora Aroura: Conversely, I have to START doing things. It's not even like I'm being distracted either. I'm just to lazy to bring myself to do it. :/

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 16th, 2013, 12:24 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Oh.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 16th, 2013, 2:35 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Yeah, I know. I shoulda kept up with the scedual more. But knowing this, I will actually start putting in some time for this comic. First though, I have to work my spriting muscles again. It's been almost a year since I've made a comic.

Reply Kurona, March 17th, 2013, 2:59 pm

... Ness resembles William Hartnell.


Reply Riskfan, March 17th, 2013, 5:38 pm

@Kurona: very

Reply Lugbzurg, March 18th, 2013, 10:39 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I should tell you about these indie films.
I haven't seen them yet, but the animated shorts were awesome!

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 18th, 2013, 12:07 pm

@Lugbzurg: The second video does naht exist for some reason. But I know an indie Movie that'll possitivel knock yer socks off! It's called The Room. It's like nothing you've ever seen.

Reply Lugbzurg, March 19th, 2013, 5:26 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: It's Press Start 2 Continue!

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 22nd, 2013, 2:39 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Gueeeeeesss shwaaaaaaat ^_^

Reply greenpowerstar, March 22nd, 2013, 3:20 pm

Someone help! I have been scarred! I recently discovered that Rob Paulsen, my favorite voice actor, played Eric in The Little Mermaid 2! WHY?!? T_T

Reply Kurona, March 22nd, 2013, 3:30 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound:
The fan game is amazing.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 22nd, 2013, 8:52 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Wha'dja breeeeak? X3

@greenpowerstar: What's wrong with that? Rob Paulsen is awesome! He played Raphael in the Ninja Turtles cartoon back in the 80s and 90s. And PJ in the Goofy Movies. And pretty much a lotta background characters in any cartoon nowadays. Heck, I heard him on a Scooby-Doo cartoon this morning.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 22nd, 2013, 9:23 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I brooooke uh....*looks around*....huh. Nothing today.

BUT! My brother got Sly 4 and he wants me and my other brother to come up to his house and play it with him, since it's always been our tradition to play it together. He's Sly, my other brother's Murray, and I'm Bently! :D
So tomorrow, I shall be going up to play it! ^^

Plus your commission's done! 8D

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 22nd, 2013, 9:37 pm

@Fiora Aroura: 'Bout time! The game is awesome! And if you're deciding on Cooper Gang members, then you guys better decide who's gonna be the new Cooper members... I can see you playing as Sir Galleth.
*rushes to dA*
It's. So. Beautiful. ;w;

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 22nd, 2013, 9:47 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: That's what we'll have to discuss XD I remember in the 3rd one, I was Bently, Penelope, and the Guru.
We'll have to look up who all appears in it and pick our characters. I really want to be Rioichi.
(I know we're all gunna be fighting over Carmelita -_-)

Ya can? Why's that? :3

I put it on EoR to ^_^

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 22nd, 2013, 9:52 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Well there's PLENTY of new characters to play. More than enough for you all to have a Cooper to yourselves. Although when it comes to Carmelita, she's not very heavily implimented. Like only twice a chapter, so you'll all have to settle that one yourselves. I recommend an arm wrestling cage match!

I can see you as Sir Galleth because he's always knightly and boastful in his mannerisms, it reminds me of you how you can be funny and off the wall with comments around SJ sometimes. XD Also he carries an awesome lance, and Fiora(the kitty-cat) carries a lance in that story I'm still working on.

EDIT: And I should just emphasize this now: Rioichi is NOT a female ninja. He's a male... with a deep voice.... and terrible attempt at a Japanese accent.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 22nd, 2013, 10:12 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Funny thing is, we probably will XD But that's okay. Last time I arm wrestled my brother, I beat him.

Pssh, oh really? XD Well then, I guess I'll just have to tell my brothers that my friend recommended that I be Galleth and they can't say anything about it XD I'll be watching him then when we get there. See if he really is like me XD

She does? You gotta finish that story. I really want to see it! 8D

And yeeeaa, I know -_- But I know SOMEBODY was female >:(

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 22nd, 2013, 10:19 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I always solve difficult choices with friends with arm wrestling. That's actually how me and my friends started our Pokemon tradition of who picks the starter. Back when Gold, Silver and Crystal came out we all did a wrestleing match and to this day, I always pick fire starters, and my other friends pick water and grass.

Oh yeah. It's actually a hybrid weapon. it can be used as a lance, and a naginata, which is like a staff with a blade at the end. And a pullvault, since Fiora's specific skill will be jumping high... and borrowing a dragon's power for a little while. The story's done, but I'm still editing and cleaning up the script with my co-writer. After all that, I'll start spriting it. At the rate i'm going I'll be able to start it by the end of April.

Sorry, no female Cooper clan members. Though one does get an honorable mention.

Reply greenpowerstar, March 22nd, 2013, 10:43 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Yeah, he's a great actor! My favorite! SO WHY WAS HE IN LITTLE MERMAID 2

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 22nd, 2013, 10:49 pm

@greenpowerstar: Because Disney doesn't care about you! They just care about your wallet! >:C

Please don't let Prez know I said that...

Reply greenpowerstar, March 23rd, 2013, 2:20 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Why do I have so many crappy movies?

Reply Lugbzurg, March 23rd, 2013, 10:04 am

@greenpowerstar: Hey, James Arnold Taylor voices Johnny Test. This kind of gap between the quality of voice and the character it goes to is nothing new.

@Fiora Aroura: In about five hours, I'm going to be playing Modern Warfare for... reasons.
Combine Modern Warfare with The Truman Show and this is what you'll get.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 23rd, 2013, 10:51 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Usually the leaders are picked by being the strongest or the smartest.

That sounds awesome! Can't wait to see it :)

@Lugbzurg: Cool.
That one guy's anatomy is very good, btw.

@greenpowerstar: Ya gotta remember that behind every cool voice is a human being who needs to make a living.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 23rd, 2013, 11:05 am

@greenpowerstar: I believe that was the first time I ever heard Tara Strong when she played Melody in that movie. And for a long time Morgana was one of my favorite Disney villains because of her inferiority complex with Ursula and how she was just unhinged overall.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 23rd, 2013, 11:20 am

And I'm off!

Bruce, slap all these fools while I'm gone, kay.

Reply Lugbzurg, March 23rd, 2013, 11:49 am

@Fiora Aroura: Punch-Clock Villain!

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 23rd, 2013, 4:32 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Sir, yes SIR!
*grabs fly swatter*

Er'rybody line up!

Reply greenpowerstar, March 23rd, 2013, 5:20 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Wait, Tara Strong was in it, too?

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-excuse me, one moment.

*burns copy of Little Mermaid 2*

Morgana wasn't bad, but I've seen better. However, to be fair, she probably is the best thing in the movie.

Reply Lugbzurg, March 23rd, 2013, 11:18 pm

Well, I got back from the videogame event. There's good news and "bad" news. The "bad" news is that I couldn't get Modern Warfare to boot up. The good news is that I was able to play Portal 2 instead. While I was going to use CoD4 as inspiration for what happens topside in General Generic, Portal 2 gave me some excellent pointers on what to do with the secret underground resistance aspect of the gameplay and story. However, Keisha has some much more complicated character development than Wheatley. And there's the split timeline to worry about. This could get a bit tricky...

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 24th, 2013, 2:36 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Oh gosh, I had SO much fun! ^^ It was all good with the characters. We got to choose two ancestors while one got one ancestor and Carmelita. I chose Rioichi and Galleth ;) And of course, Bently was my main. He's so cute and animated in this game XD
We got all the way to Galleths level, but we're going back on Tuesday to finish. Gosh I've missed Sly Cooper. And I've grown quite attached to all of the ancestors.
Rioichi was insta-like for me. Couldn't get enough of his Ninja Spire leap. I was jumping all over the place XD (And hey, me and my brothers were laughing for ever on that part where El hefe slaps Murray's butt XDDD) And though I absolutely LOVED playing as Rioichi, I really took a liking to Tennessee Kid :) (in fact I think I kinda fell for him XD) The guy was freakin awesome! His cane-gun was very unique. Sad I didn't get to play as him :( My brother chose him and Bob. Who was also pretty awesome himself, after loosing all that weight of course.
We got up to Galleth's first mission before we decided we were too tired to go on XD But I must say I've also took a great liking to Galleth. I've always liked knights. But I'm still kinda curious on how you think he was like me. All he does is shout about doing knightly noble things and make even climbing a building look dramatic XD But he's entertaining. I can't wait to keep playing as him :)

Gosh, I've really become obsessed. I think I'm gunna do some Cooper fanart soon ^^

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 24th, 2013, 3:07 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Told you it was awesome! Don't you love that feeling when you've been away from a franchise for so long but you get back into the groove with the latest entry? I had the same feeling when I picked up Fire Emblem: Awakening earlier this month. It's just TOO awesome and I can't put it down... Like I kept playing until 4am last night and I still have more than half the game to go.
Actually, there's this really cool mechanic that if you avatar(you can make your own character who's important to the story! :D) and you can interact with all the characters in the game. Everyone can interact with anyone actually, it's a pretty big game. There's this pretty neat feature that if you avatar has an especially strong bond connection with another character of the opposite gender, you can have a kid who will be featured in a side-story in the game. And I didn't realize this because I never read about it before and... well now I accidentally fathered a half-dragon child named Nah. And her name is actually made a joke a bunch of times.

"So perhaps you'd like to tell me your name?"
"Look, if I somehow offended you, I apologize. But you could at least-"
"No, NAH. N-A-H. That's my name. Ugh, why does this always happen..."
It's supposed to be a reference to her mother's name, Nowi, which sounds like No Way when you hear her speak it.

Reply Lugbzurg, March 25th, 2013, 9:41 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Reminds me of "Imma Kat".

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 25th, 2013, 12:43 pm

@Lugbzurg: Explain please. I'm not familiar with this "Imma Kat" thing.... is it edible?

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 25th, 2013, 3:24 pm

My mom knows someone named Imma Pig.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 25th, 2013, 6:44 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Funny you say that. I once knew a girl in Middle School named Alofa Bull.

EDIT: Ladies and gentlemen, I JUST now found out I have TWO daughters in Fire Emblem... And both of them are stronger than me... And somehow both of them break the level cap.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 25th, 2013, 7:05 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: This kid in my school's last name is White. So he says he's going to name his daughter Snow, (Snow White) and his son Gandalf (Gandalf the White).

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 25th, 2013, 7:41 pm

@Fiora Aroura: *facepalm* XD On the topic of colors, I knew a girl in my Drama and Theater class in High School named Lauren Brown. Her dad's name is Charley.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 25th, 2013, 8:16 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: XDD When you have names like that, ya gotta take advantage of em XD

Reply Lugbzurg, March 25th, 2013, 9:51 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I'm not familiar with it, either. I just know I've heard it somewhere being presented as a really awkward name to have.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 26th, 2013, 11:10 am

NOW, I'm off to go finish Sly ^^

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 26th, 2013, 1:13 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Remember to look for treasure as Sly or the Cooper family. Bently and Murray are slow on getting back to the safehouse and don't have too many stealth options on the rooftops. Besides, everything on Thief.Net costs an arm and a leg this time around...

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 26th, 2013, 11:02 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: FINIIIIIIIISHED! ^0^
We even YouTubed the secret ending, since none of us really wanted to go back through the game and search for EVERY mask and trophy -_-
Sly's in Egypt?! Oh gosh, I hope they continue these Thieves in Time thing, I would LOVE to see more ancestors!
(btw, now I think I see what you mean with Galleth XD)
And Penelope, man, I nearly started crying for Bently when he found out :( Gawl, I just wanted to hug him.
And hmm, Penelope escapes from jail and sends Bently postcards of bad deeds she's done? Looks like she's gunna be a reoccurring villain... Gawl, I never thought she'd turn like that >:(
And duuuuuude....WHY is Carmelita always being the damsel in distress?? That's so not her.
Teehee, that part at the end when all the ancestors come together to save Sly and Carmelita, I was just like "AAAAWW YEEA!!" ^_^ In fact, I think I started laughing and clapping XD I love those ancestors. Even Selim, who REALLY didn't appeal to me at first... But he's cool when he's serious and very funny. I laughed quite a few times with him ^^ "You try to crawl through a space that small when you're my age!"
Oh, and the belly dancing part XD yea, we were all laughing when it came up. Especially at Murray. "Guys, the Murray would like to do it." XDDD I guess he really liked being the Geisha.

(Oh and btw, we didn't have much trouble with the theifnet prices. We just pickpocketed everyone we saw during our missions and ended up always having enough ^^)
Now that we're done, I really miss playing it. Though I freakin love Kid, Rioichi and Galleth shall always be special to me.
GOSH I want to play the next one right now! I mean....there BETTER be a next one.

@Lugbzurg: Hey Lugbzurg, some of the enemies at Galleth's level were brown hedgehogs. XDD

Reply Lugbzurg, March 27th, 2013, 9:08 am

@Fiora Aroura: In Invader Zim, Tak has a robot named "MiMi" who's disguise is a purple cat.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 27th, 2013, 3:24 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I told ya it was awesome! :D As luck would have it, I just finished Fire Emblem: Awakening last night and the ending was bittersweet then absolutely awesome! Without wanting to spoil it for people who plan to get it, in the end you have a ver big and weighty choice to make that will determine your life. I chose the option to sacrifice myself because it seemed like the better option, but if you work really hard at the game, and build up the highest amount of friendship with everyone in the game, then their friendship will be strong enough to bring you back! Otherwise you'll be gone forever. I was lucky enough to actually put in the time and effort and I just have to say it paid off immensely! I also enjoyed seeing all the couples I paired up in the game interact between spouses and their future children. THere was this one couple where the mother is always a dignified lady and the father was a loyal knight, but their kid looked like a thug and spoke all lazily like a mobster member, but he's actually a very kind person because of his mom's upbringing, and even puts in the effort to learn to speak properly to have intellectual conversations with his mom. It was so sweet. ^^
Man, I really hope there'll be another game soon in both of these series. :3

Also, the music! Oh man, the music is just awesome! Listen to this and tell me this is not an awesome theme to go to war to!

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 27th, 2013, 5:07 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Hmm, maybe Sly will see the Egyptian Cooper. I don't know how to spell his name, but he's the one who invented invisibility.
We were talking about how Sly could somehow tell the gang where he is. Maybe he could write a message on a certain location or write something in the Thieveious Racoonus. I wonder who invented that book anyway. Couldn't have been Bob. And how could the other Cooper's know that a cane was the family thing? That also brings up the question on how could the Cooper line be everywhere in history? Cowboy, feudal Japan, knights, Arabian, Egyptian... and did EVERY ancestor have a kid to pass on the thievery to? And they all happened to be pure raccoons?
You know what would have been cool? Seeing Clockwerk in one of the levels. I mean, he WAS alive during those times.

@Lugbzurg: Like Blaze! ^^

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 27th, 2013, 5:39 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Egyptian? You mean King TutanCooper? I remember that. His cane was in the Cooper Vault.
And seeing Clockwerk would have been awesome, indeed. I guess the new development stuidos didn't want to keep hashing at Clockwerk after the 3 years of grief Sly had to put up with him... and the CENTURIES of grief he inflicted on the Cooper family.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 28th, 2013, 6:32 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I forgot to tell you. I got a ps2 controller recently and have been playing Ecco DotF ever since ^_^ I'm at the last place, the foe's realm I guess, and I'm a bit scared to go on XD ^^; but nevertheless! I will pass it someday!
But now, I'm starting Kingdom Hearts 1. After watching Pewdiepie play it, I've really wanted to get back into it. So many blasts from the past.
Well, here I go! ^^


So does anyone else have cabin fever?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 28th, 2013, 7:03 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Cabin Fever? Nope. Never saw that movie. :/

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 28th, 2013, 7:42 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Not a movie -_- It's what people get when they've been cooped up too long. My gosh. None of you ever get out, do you?

I'm hungry.
I named the raft "My Butt" XD
And I beat Riku to, so it was official ^^
I was laughing forever when Sora had the little speech bubble above his head saying "Let's name it My Butt!" XDDDDD

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 28th, 2013, 8:29 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Actually, I'm out a lot. Staying indoors gets really boring. 'Specially when you spend 4+ hours working, you just gotta get out. So, I guess I never got it.

Laugh while you can, because you'll be spending the rest of the game in a gummi ship named after the raft.

Won't it be fun traveling through space in My Butt? XD

*shot in the head*

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 28th, 2013, 10:33 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Ah, I can't wait to hear them say it in a sentence XDDD

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 29th, 2013, 12:19 am


So I know they're doing a Jurassic Park 4, I just don't know when.
So I'm sitting here and I can hear the TV going on in the background.
I hear the Tyrannosaurs Rex roar on a commercial.
I freeze.
I hear the Velociraptor hiss.
I scream and run to the TV.
But apparently it was just a commercial for Jurassic Park 1 in 3D -_-

But hey, I would totally love to see that 8)
Me and my oldest brother will have to go see it.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 29th, 2013, 1:22 am

@Fiora Aroura: It's weird. Movies seem to be rebooting lately. At the same time, there's also gonna be a new Evil Dead. If any movie deserse a 3D reshape, I'd like to see Alien. Just imagine the chestburster scene in 3D! ...Although it won't work for me, being the fact that I only have one functioning eye. :/

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 29th, 2013, 12:54 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: You do? Really?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 29th, 2013, 2:21 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Yep... I never told you that? ...Huh. One would think I'd mention that at least once...

It actually blows because I have heterochromia and people thought my different eye colors were cool... Now it's just one dark brown iris and a milky one instead of vibrant blue.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 29th, 2013, 5:25 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: That sucks. I'm sorry :(
I've always found heterochromia fascinating. Or having red eyes would be freakin sweet! ^^
How did your eye go blind?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 29th, 2013, 5:46 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Ah, don't fret it ^^ It happened over 12 years ago, I'm LONG over it. As for how it happened, well, sparing you all the scientific hoo-ha, I'll just say I have a genetic disease that causes constant pressure in the eyes. It just got so violent that it eventually took my right eyesight. Though I'm really lucky that it only took that and not both. In addition, the constant pressure actually messed with my heterochromia. I was born with it, but my left eye was an amber-goldish color, while my right was blue. The constant pressure on my left and right eyes somehow caused it to change to a dark brown color. My doctor says it's most likely some sort of rare genetic anomoly, and considering my family lineage, genetic mysteries are nothing new. Heck, my grandpa is pretty much immune to cancer because of his genes.

Reply Lugbzurg, March 29th, 2013, 9:10 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Hey, I've got aspergers. In fact, I just saw a psychologist the other day, since it's rather uncommon, causing me to think in ways differently from most people, so I've got to understand all this stuff. Interestingly enough, I found that my performance IQ is in the superior range!

@Fiora Aroura: Wait, I'm confused. Butt jokes are hilarious, but a singing mound of evil poo that you fight is sick and disgusting?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 29th, 2013, 10:00 pm

@Lugbzurg: I don't think that's what disgusts her. It's obviously the opera singing that she doesn't like. ....And sweet corn.... I hate sweet corn.

Reply Lugbzurg, March 29th, 2013, 11:18 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: It isn't normal for villains to be socially-acceptable.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 29th, 2013, 11:57 pm

I'm lucky. I don't have anything. No allergies, nothing.
........Cept.......I'm extremely blind without glasses or contacts -_-
At first I thought it was because I ruined my eyes when I'd have staring contests with the sun when I was little. But apparently I just inherited it.
I want to do that lazer thing though, one day.

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Golden amber? THAT sounds like a beautiful eye color! I never see anyone with unusual eye color except for a math teacher who had the most vibrant green eyes I'd ever seen!
So, does anyone ever look at you and go "BWWAAAAHAAHA!" -Hank Hill, when they see that eye? jkjkjkjkjkjk ^^;

@Lugbzurg: Severe trouble in social situations, lacking empathy, talks a lot (one-sided conversation), physical clumsiness.
Them the symptoms? Nooooow stuff makes sense.

Those jokes are funny in serious situations.
"This is the Gummi Ship shop. Here you can upgrade My Butt."

In things like Conker, it's overkill.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 30th, 2013, 12:58 am

@Fiora Aroura: Well, actually yeah. During elementary school to middle school, when people looked at my one goldish eye, (in addition to my real name) a lot of unsavory jokes were directed towards me for a while...
You know, a goth girl in middle school was absolutely convinced that I was a vampire... you believe that!? Like she was a firm believer in dark arts and arcane studies that she once (and I kid you not) asked "if you have a spare fang that fell out? I hear vampires regrow their fangs, so if you have one, can I have it for a potion I looked up?"

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 30th, 2013, 1:06 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Oh. Sorry for joking about it. I wasn't trying to be mean or anything.
But that's weird. Vampire? I never had any great memories of middle school either. It's normal.
Your eye color was related to your name? What would they call you? I mean, only if you're comfortable telling me your name.

Reply Lugbzurg, March 30th, 2013, 1:28 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I think you're being a little judgmental. It's not a one-trick pony. The point wasn't to load on a bunch of inappropriate jokes. In fact, it gets kind of solemn towards the end.

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Ok, that is a horrid way to jump to conclusions.
Way to take the natural, yet rare, and and persist it to be supernatural.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 30th, 2013, 2:16 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Nah, don't worry about it at all. Often I like to joke about it myself. XD Learning to laugh at my own shortcomings was a pretty good start to moral recovery when it first happened, but i don't mind it at all... Now, if you were intentionally trying to be mean and rude about it, that's a completely different story.

As for the nicknames, well, stuff like "Bloodsucker" "Daddy's little vamp" and other stuff were just some that popped up. My eye color didn't strictly assert to the nicknames though, it was mainly my name, and people thought that my name and unnatural eye color were hints at my supposed vampirism. As for my name... Well... I COULD tell you, but I highly doubt you'd believe me.

Actually, if you think about it, you already know my real name.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 30th, 2013, 5:46 pm

@Lugbzurg: It looks like a game someone made when they were high.

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I never mean to be intentionally mean when I make jokes. I joke about everything.

Hmm..I'm gunna guess Alucard?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 30th, 2013, 5:51 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Yep that's it. And yes, it's a video game character's name. No it's not a nickname. If I could find my birth certificate, you'd see that's my official name. Long story short, my dad liked playing as Alucard in a video game, so he gave me that name. And the vampire jokes came up because another game involving that same Alucard was popular around the same time, and people were just figuring out that it's Dracula spelled backwards.

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 30th, 2013, 6:07 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: It's not a bad name :) I like unusual names.
Named after a video game character? Hm..that's..well I certainly wouldn't let MY husband do that.....XD
I'm named after a friend of my dad's, Lex.
I've never even met the dude either -_-

Oh! It IS Dracula backwards XD funny.

Your nickname could be Lu :) And that's funny cuz that's the nickname my siblings have for me XD

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 30th, 2013, 7:03 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Lu? *snickers* By the way, is Lex short for something? Or is that really all of it? Not a shortened version of Alexis? Lexi even?

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 30th, 2013, 9:16 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Alexis is the full version. But I prefer to be called Lex.

Reply Lugbzurg, March 30th, 2013, 10:16 pm

@Fiora Aroura: And I'm Tim! This was already revealed in the Earthworm Jim video.

@Bruce the Hedgehound: The name is used in a lot of media. I was watching the Hellsing animé about a month or two ago and one of the two vampire-hunting protagonists who are vampires themselves is named "Alucard". He looks like this: 36f.jpg
Oh, and... maybe I should give you this picture too, if you can fix the link, since Smack Jeeves messes them up... dium=social&utm_campaign=vbnetwork-Page80&utm_content=photo&utm_term=Australia -47821

Reply Fiora Aroura, March 30th, 2013, 11:19 pm

@Lugbzurg: I thought you said your name had 7 letters in it.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 31st, 2013, 12:24 am

@Lugbzurg: Oh yeah, I'm fully aware of the Hellsing Alucard... spoiler alert, he's really Count Dracula.
But the Alucard my father probably had in mind during my birth was this one:
Ironically, the Alucard from Hellsing actually has golden eyes, like I used to have. I'm not completely sure of what Castlevania's Alucard's eye color is but being a vampire, I'd say it would be a crimson red color.

@Fiora Aroura: Timothy has 7 letters. :3 Anyways, like I said, the game that Alucard first appeared in was a few years before I was born, and the popularity went up during my elementary and middle school years because the next game to feature him in '97 was extremely popular. One of the games on the PS1 that made people want to get one. I still have my original black label copy of it! ^^

Reply epicness, March 31st, 2013, 1:12 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound:


Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 31st, 2013, 4:31 pm

@epicness: To be fair, my dad is the reason for that. Also, Alucard's name actually came up decades before video games. First mention of it was in a 1940s movie called "Son of Dracula". Ever since that movie, his name has become pretty popular among vampires.

Reply epicness, March 31st, 2013, 4:34 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound:
But who names a person after a vampire

I mean

This is almost as bad as naming someone "Cloud"

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 31st, 2013, 5:39 pm

@epicness: Because Alucard was my dad's favorite video game character at the time... and i admit, he's my favorite Castlevania character too...
And on the subject of Cloud... A woman named Shawna Murphy named her child Sephiroth.
Not Joking.
Google it.

Reply epicness, March 31st, 2013, 5:56 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound:
I don't even


Also to the Sephiroth kid


Reply Fiora Aroura, March 31st, 2013, 6:01 pm

I heard of someone naming their kid Facebook.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 31st, 2013, 7:03 pm

@epicness: Why? Because Alucard is awesome and can make giant wolves explode just by swinging his arm at them. Don't believe me? Play the first ten minutes of Symphony of the Night. Also, he beats Death twice.

Reply Lugbzurg, March 31st, 2013, 7:56 pm

Alucard; It's the "John Smith" of vampires!

Ok, this has been a rather odd subject topic.
Especially when you realize we could be talking about colossal winged spiders, instead.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, March 31st, 2013, 8:16 pm

@Lugbzurg: Yeah we could... but then again: EXPLODING WOLVES! :D

And for those who aren't familiar, this is the Alucard incarnation I'm named after:

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 1st, 2013, 12:42 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: And here you were being embarrassed by your name XD
But now you're a vampire nerd!

Kay, you know what I've realized? Kingdom Hearts is extremely cheesy.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 1st, 2013, 2:36 am

@Fiora Aroura: Hey, it's hard not tp spaz out at something that can make giant wolves explode! :O
Such pawah is to be respected!

Of course, Kingdom Hearts is cheesy. XD Putting it kindly, and realisticly, it's a fanfiction crossover of Final Fantasy and Disney movies made real. That being said! It still doesn't change the fact that it's an extremely awesome series. And if I'm being honest, the combat always keeps me coming back. It's a lot better than picking commands from a menu and letting cinematics have all the fun.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 1st, 2013, 6:13 pm

*looks at Comic name*

*checks calender*

Oh yeah~

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 1st, 2013, 11:23 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: My brother is playing the second KH, and my gawl, Mulan's world nearly made me throw up with embarrassment! X(
So far, the only thing I'm truly liking is Jack Skellington being in it :3 My gosh they got him so right! The way he moves, talks, fights, he's absolutely perfect! ^^

(Oh yea..APRIL FOOLS!! hurr hurr...)

So whatcha think, should I use pixel putrid for the next banner?

Reply Lugbzurg, April 1st, 2013, 11:33 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Oh, look! An adorable Inuyasha cosplay!

Perhaps you could sue the opportunity to put in the new banner.
It really didn't look nearly as horrible as you seemed to make it out to be.

Reply epicness, April 2nd, 2013, 3:10 pm


Ahahaha I feel like checking comments in Elements of Peace

*scrolls doesn't find*

... I think i scrolled too fast...

*Scrolls again*






*Checks fiora aroura comments*


Reply greenpowerstar, April 2nd, 2013, 7:45 pm

Urple Fols!

*checks calender*


Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 2nd, 2013, 9:15 pm

@greenpowerstar: It's not?
*puts exploding mint candy away*

Reply greenpowerstar, April 2nd, 2013, 9:33 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I have had too much sugar.

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 2nd, 2013, 11:32 pm

Epic and Green? You guys are alive?!

Reply greenpowerstar, April 5th, 2013, 1:42 am

@Fiora Aroura: Maybeh.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 5th, 2013, 11:47 am

Did you guys know that smoking is responsible for 100% of smoking related deaths a year? My mind was blown when I read that today. @_@

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 6th, 2013, 1:42 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: My IQ dropped.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 6th, 2013, 5:04 am

@Fiora Aroura: That's not all! About 72% of houshold accidents happen in the house! That's frickin' crazy!

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 6th, 2013, 11:59 am

Okay. Today is the day I will pass Ecco!! >:0 *Battle charge to the tv*

Reply Lugbzurg, April 6th, 2013, 1:30 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Ragnamune just showed me this.
Fidget is adorably-hilarious! I want to play this game!

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 6th, 2013, 4:47 pm

@Lugbzurg: Who's Ragnamune?

I still have no sound on my computer, so I can't hear it. But it looked kinda similar to Zelda.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 6th, 2013, 6:34 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Ragnamune is the guy who ran the Earthworm Jim playthrough I was in.

I'm not actually sure what kind of game this is. RPG? Platformer? Hack-and-Slash? That's all I saw. But I like these characters. And Fidget reminds me much of Keisha.

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 6th, 2013, 6:59 pm

@Lugbzurg: Oh, that guy. The only playing it? He was very good at falling off things.

I 'spose you're the only one who can say that since no one else can know what your characters are like.

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 7th, 2013, 12:09 am

BWAAAHAAYES! Yessie yes yeeeesss ^_^ I did it. I passed dat dolphin game ^^ Now I must find out if I'm still scared of sharks...
All these years and finally it's done. I feel like singing...

Reply Lugbzurg, April 7th, 2013, 1:45 pm

@Fiora Aroura: It's like I say...
Camera adds ten pounds; capture card adds ten fails.

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 8th, 2013, 8:16 pm

*sniff* It's okay. There'll be other times Jurassic Park comes out in theaters in 3D. Plenty....

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 8th, 2013, 10:13 pm

@Fiora Aroura: *pats* It'll be okay.... you wants some mint candy?

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 8th, 2013, 11:20 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Not even mint candy can make up for this :(

Duuuude, the epic voice behind Goliath from Gargoyles also plays the Arbiter in Halo and Dr. Facilier in Princess and the Frog.

Step aside Dan Green ^^

Reply greenpowerstar, April 9th, 2013, 2:06 am

@Fiora Aroura: When I heard Dan Green do Mephiles, I immediately thought of Marik trying to teach Yami how to be evil.

Reply TeamSonicPrezREBORN, April 9th, 2013, 8:45 am

hahHahahahahahaha XD I love myself...

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 9th, 2013, 12:18 pm

@TeamSonicPrezREBORN: Prezzie's back! *hugs and burns slightly*

o_O Ow...

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 9th, 2013, 6:12 pm

@greenpowerstar: When I first heard Dan Green do Mephiles, I immediately thought "Wow, he didn't even try not to sound like Knuckles." XD

@TeamSonicPrezREBORN: Hiya Prez ^^

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 9th, 2013, 7:09 pm

James Earl Jones did Mufasa's voice.

Iz beautiful. Oh gawd iz beautiful!

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 9th, 2013, 10:33 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: OOH DAT! DAT TO! My GOSH that voice is epic! ^_^

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 9th, 2013, 10:44 pm

Okay, Jurassic Park 3D is all over the internet, my whole class was talking about it today, my brother keeps talking about how awesome it was...I'm REAAAAALLY close to tears right now!! D8<

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 10th, 2013, 3:25 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I have an idea! ...Find the original movie and watch that! :D

Cuz... y'know. 3D is kinda, sorta, totally pointless. .3.

*turns around and plays 3DS*

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 10th, 2013, 7:46 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: *sarcastic laugh*

You just don't get it. Any dragon lover would understand the need to see that beautiful T-rex roaring on the big screen X'(
That scene there at the end, where she's roaring and the banner floats down saying "When dinosaurs ruled the earth" my brother said that when he first saw it all those years ago, everyone in the audience stood up and clapped. I'm sure they did again! GAWL how I wish I was there! X'(

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 10th, 2013, 8:27 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Dragon lovers like dinosaurs too? That's a new one to me. :/ Although in an odd twist, a guy who was obsessed with dinosaurs in High Schools didn't care about dragons. Like in the slightest.

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 10th, 2013, 9:03 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: OF COURSE! In fact, I probably love that T-rex more than any dragon! Even though it terrifies me, I still can never stop watching it ^^ The way it moves is just beautiful! And it's roar is pure power. ^^

Reply greenpowerstar, April 11th, 2013, 5:05 pm

I can't believe it took me five years to figure out Max Tennyson is the Colonel from MGS.

@Bruce the Hedgehound: My brother used to obsess over this show called Dinosaur Train. He would never shut up about it. Now, he plays Skylanders constantly, and never shuts up about it. No matter what we're doing, he's always talking about it. AND IF HE'D JUST SHADDAP he'd understand I don't want to talk about it. If I perhaps got to play it, in peace without him talking about all this extra crap, I could enjoy it. Unfortunately, he doesn't ever shut up or let me use the Wii, so there goes that.

Sorry about that whole rant, it happens often when I mention HIM.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 11th, 2013, 5:28 pm

You know, after I'm done with Dragon Ball Z, I'm gonna move onto a few more serious
and mature animé like Hugirashi: When They Cry, Future Diary, and 11Eyes.
Then, for a little Cerebus Syndrome, I think I'll watch... say what!?

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 11th, 2013, 5:50 pm

@greenpowerstar: That's probably all you need. Once I got away from all the stupid toy ads and the people saying "DISONEISDABEST!!!" And play it on my own and decide for myself what was good about it, I liked it :)

@Lugbzurg: I found your facebook ^^

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 11th, 2013, 6:07 pm

@Lugbzurg: Deadman Wonderland! Deadman Wonderland! DEADMAN WONDERLAND!!!

DEAD. MAN. WONDER. LAND. This is one of the ideologically darker scenes.

It's only 12 episodes so far with one OVA that acts as a prequel to the series. I highly recommend it.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 11th, 2013, 8:24 pm

@Fiora Aroura: ...WHAT!? Was it the Animé Admin event thing? (I just got a haircut...)

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I heard about it from ShadowACS on YouTube. (The heck is that girl WEARING!?) I've gotten a lot of really good animé recommendations from that guy (such as 11Eyes and The Familiar of Zero) as well as severe warnings about animé to stay far away from (such as Sailor Moon and Lamune).

In fact, I can name some other good recommendations from my past I just don't hear about anymore.

I don't even remember how I found this animé in the first place, but I'm ever-so-glad that I did. The intro is so nostalgic. This series constantly shifts along in its protagonists, genres, and tone. Sometimes it has a realistic slice of life episode, and other times, it gets a bit fantasy-oriented. Sometimes Shizuo is just throwing stuff when he gets pissed, and other times, Anri is fighting an unknown force with a dark sword she keeps concealed inside her hand. Sometimes Simon is just selling sushi to people, but other times, Celty's still looking for her missing head.

I don't think I've heard anyone talking about this animé. Which is a darn shame. It's a simple, familiar concept (youngsters battling monsters) that was executed very well. It also stars Vic Mignogna! It involves a couple students protecting their high school from creatures called "Ayakashi" every night, as it sits on powerful grounds. It starts out without a plot for several episodes to get viewers informed about the world, monsters, and characters. An actual ongoing story comes in a tad bit later.

Astro Boy
Obviously, I grew up with the third generation, which was shockingly dark, tragic, and mature, seeing as this is supposed to be a "kids" show. Several important characters also got their names changed between generations. It involves a robot who was modeled after his creator's deceased son. But when he didn't end up acting at all like his predecessor, the scientist abandoned him. Whichever generation you go with, this is basically how it goes along, with him soon taking on a superhero-type role.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 11th, 2013, 8:36 pm

@Lugbzurg: Which girl are you refering to?

And I'm well aware of Durarara!!. I'm still watching it on In conjunction with Elfen Lied though.
Speaking of Elfen Lied, I also recommend Elfen Lied and Gurren Laagen.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 11th, 2013, 9:31 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Girl? What girl? Flonne? Etna? I just started up Disgaea again (along with Dragon Ball Z and Lucky Star). It's based on a videogame series of the same name, which I had never even heard of. Most TV shows based on videogames tend to range from lackluster to atrocious. However, I can't help but have a really good time with this animé, even without knowledge of the games. It's just fantastic! "From now on, your name is 'Midboss'!" That is the best insult I've ever heard!

Wait... did you just say Elfen Lied? DUDE! That is my favorite animé!

Gurren Laagen? Oh, I've heard of that. Even though I haven't seen it, I still seem to know something that most of its fanbase doesn't seem to realize. That one girl... whatever her name is... She's said to be 14, though by Earth standards, she's 20. Their years go on longer than ours. This is just like knowing Kojima made a game called "Metal Gear" years before he made Metal Gear Solid, even though I haven't played any of those games!

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 11th, 2013, 9:36 pm

@Lugbzurg: You asked what one of the girls was wearing in what I presumed to be the Deadman Wonderland opening. So.... which girl were you refering to?

Oh, you mean Yoko from Gurran Laagan. Yeah, I don't know much about her, I've not seen that anime yet. She reminds me a lot of the gym leader Skyla from the Pokemon Black and White series. Both are uppity readheads who wear a minimal amount of clothing for the sake of speed.... aerodynamics. I shall never understand it. And Kojima actually didn't have any or very much involvement with the early Metal Gear games. His influence came through during the Solid games.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 11th, 2013, 9:49 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Let's see... Ah! "Shiro" is her name. She's wearing a white skintight suit with bulls-eyes and oven mitts. I also heard that this was NEVER explained! No one ever questions her bizarre attire.

On Toonami, I've been seeing Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (again), continuing Bleach, and checking out a series called "Soul Eater". I really, REALLY like the art direction in this animé, and I really like the characters of Maka, Death Scythe, and the Grim Reaper. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast is rather unlikable, which really hurts it. However, a new character called "Crona" just showed up, and suddenly it just got a lot more interesting. Let's just hope some better characters come in or at least the old ones get some proper character development. Black Star has been the worst offender. He's so painfully-obnoxious, it makes me cringe. Laharl from Disgaea is an example of an unlikable character done right, as he's still fun to watch!

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 11th, 2013, 10:01 pm

@Lugbzurg: Oh yeah. Shiro. Well, Shiro, despite her age, has the mentality of a 7 year old. She always talks childish and obsesses over sweets, and her biggest insult in the entire series is "You're a butt-head..." and she gets all puffy in the face when she says it like she's about to cry. As for her outfit with the skintight suit and mittens... Well, no one really cares, you're right on that. They just accept it. Although given her personality, you can't expect very much of her.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 11th, 2013, 10:10 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Hmmm... How do I continue from there...?

I don't suppose you ever came across this classic, did you?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 11th, 2013, 10:14 pm

@Lugbzurg: Oh, of course dude. Who DIDN'T see Speed Racer back in the 90's?

Reply Lugbzurg, April 11th, 2013, 10:27 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: The 90s? Speed Racer came out in the 60s!
The manga was in the 50s!

Also, it turns out this must really be a thing all over the world.
Everyone seems to do this. It's what binds all our cultures together!

And I guess I got some more recommendations.
Date A Live, Accel World, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, Blast of Tempest, Rozen Maiden, and a game called "Triggerheart Exelica.
Do you know anything about them?

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 12th, 2013, 11:20 pm

@Lugbzurg: Anime Adminawhat?
Hey, I didn't know you liked Halo! 8D

Reply Lugbzurg, April 13th, 2013, 9:32 am

@Fiora Aroura: I didn't say anything about Halo.

But that's beside the point! How did you find me!?

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 13th, 2013, 11:17 am

@Lugbzurg: (But one of your likes is Halo...)

Pssh. It was only too easy ^^

Reply Lugbzurg, April 13th, 2013, 4:56 pm

Great... Now she knows my name, my face, my voice, my likes, my... location...!?

@Fiora Aroura: Have we met physically? You saw my DeviantART-related posts, didn't you?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 13th, 2013, 8:28 pm

@Lugbzurg: Sleep with one eye open man, and a BB gun near your bed. I wish I could sleep with one eye open, because I'd either be all asleep or all awake! *ba dum tish*

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 13th, 2013, 8:38 pm

@Lugbzurg: What. I'm not gunna come kill ya.
No, we haven't met. I can assure you that. I live no where near the east coast. I'm clear on the other side of the country.
Although, I did meet this one guy who seemed to have the exact same voice as you 80 (different name though)

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Booo! -_-

Reply Lugbzurg, April 13th, 2013, 10:25 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I remember you being the one who was so sure I'd be the one trying to find you on Facebook and how you'd never bother with such a thing. And here you are...

How did I blow my cover?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 13th, 2013, 10:59 pm

@Fiora Aroura: *taps mic* ....Is this thing on?

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 13th, 2013, 11:38 pm

@Lugbzurg: Is that so? I'm like Dory. I forget things right after I say them.
Plus I was curious...

Well, if you want the whole story, you kinda lead me to you. First of all with your name. You might have been unaware, but the Photobucket posts you kept posting had your name in parentheses in the tabs. So I already knew your name.
Then with the youtube video. You posted that link. And since we all pretty much knew all your likes, it was quite easy to confirm that it was you.

You look great :)

@Bruce the Hedgehound: *Throws tomato*

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 13th, 2013, 11:50 pm

@Fiora Aroura: *dodges* Hey! My jokes are awesome! It's not my fault you can't ketchup with 'em!

I'm on fire today! :D

Reply Lugbzurg, April 14th, 2013, 4:15 pm

@Fiora Aroura: You hunted me down. Curses.

I'm saving up for a new computer. Gonna set up a YouTube channel soon after that. You can see more of my face, hear more of my voice, and know more of my likes there.

> "You look great".


Reply Fiora Aroura, April 14th, 2013, 7:31 pm

@Lugbzurg: I did not! You practically SHOWED me!
(Why is that a bad thing anyway?)

If it makes you feel better, I won't look for your youtube.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 15th, 2013, 1:19 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Great... Any day now, I'll be getting a phone call!

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 15th, 2013, 3:20 pm

@Lugbzurg: HA! I don't know about that. XD

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 15th, 2013, 5:01 pm

Huh. I'm actually enjoying Sonic Generations... Like. A lot. Like srsly. Like a whole lot. Like, not nostalgiagasming here. Like. I actually do like it. Like. For real.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 15th, 2013, 11:22 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Where there's a will, there's a way. And you have certainly proven yourself to hold no shortage of both!

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 15th, 2013, 11:56 pm

@Lugbzurg: Hmm. Do you want to meet in real life someday?

Reply Lugbzurg, April 16th, 2013, 12:11 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Yesverymuchso!

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 16th, 2013, 6:17 pm

@Lugbzurg: *flies by, sprinkling drain cleaner on everyone* There's romance in the aaaaair~!

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 16th, 2013, 11:52 pm

@Lugbzurg: That's an extremely long distance though...

Reply epicness, April 17th, 2013, 2:35 pm




Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 17th, 2013, 4:32 pm

@epicness: *falls through roof and lands on Ness* Not now! We have something WAAAAY MOAR important than that!! A brand new Legend of Zelda game is coming!!!

Reply epicness, April 17th, 2013, 6:27 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound:
*somehow lands on you again*


Reply Lugbzurg, April 17th, 2013, 7:01 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Worth it, right? :D

@epicness: Now you're thinking with portals!

Reply epicness, April 17th, 2013, 7:15 pm

Oh yeah guys, I never learned your time zones!

Tell what time it is for you right now!


Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 17th, 2013, 8:43 pm

It's 8:38 in kello land, so are you mountain or pacific?

Do you observe daylight savings in your state and or country?

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 17th, 2013, 11:32 pm

@Lugbzurg: I wish I could. I really do :(

Reply greenpowerstar, April 18th, 2013, 1:54 am

It's creepy how much a lot of this stuff that happens on SJ almost parallels events in Kirb's TOME series. Although, that being said, the only user analogies I can make are Lug and Fiora with Alpha and Flamegirl, and myself with Kirb. Oh well, I'll think of something.

@Fiora Aroura: You know, I realized that I have posted the least amount of things about me. My name, voice, face, location, etc. has not been revealed. *smirk*

I already knew about the Tim part due to the LP and his profile, but now I know EVERYTHING! MUHAHAHAHA!


Reply TeamSonicPrezREBORN, April 18th, 2013, 7:39 am

Me: We're not friends anymore.
Friend: Why not?
Me: You're annoying, you're conceited, you broke my heart when we were dating.
Friend: Okay...
*the next day*
Me: Can we be friends again? D:
Friend: Why?
Me: I can't stand not having anyone to talk to!

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 18th, 2013, 11:12 am


I'm duplicitous, occasionally ambivalent or hypocritical. Honestly, why would I want friends? Good friends don't exist. Fair whether friends are oxymoronic. And rivals or frienemies see each other as irrational need fulfilling tools that can be disposed of through mutually assured destruction.

I'd rather have an ally than a friend. On heaven and earth friendship is the worst. Blech.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 18th, 2013, 11:24 am

*going dramatic* @Fiora Aroura: Then I... must do everything... in my power... TO COME TO YOOOOOU!!!

@GabrielsThoughts: Whatever you say... ya little Tsundere.

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 18th, 2013, 11:47 am


Tsundere would imply that I have an unpredictable violent streak.

When I get mean, or competitive, I play Xanatos gambit mind games.

This is not to say that I don't have a violence cycle, I will occasionally loose control of my rage before or durring illness such flu's and colds.

However, I haven't broken anything or assaulted anyone at this point in my life with anything beyond emotional or psychological offensiveness as a result of my distress.

I have a high frustration tolerance, long fuse, and atomic temper tantrums.

When I loose my temper it results in wounded bull routine like antics. I'm told it's quite entertaining to watch actually.

If I must be labeled by contrived standards then...

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 18th, 2013, 2:20 pm

@GabrielsThoughts: That's a very cynical and shallow outlook on friendship you know. If you honestly think that friendship only exist for exchange of possesions, material goods, or otherwise, then you're obviously not thinking of the actual meaning of what it is. Either that or you've never experienced what it actually means. And for that, you have my deepest pity and apologies.

Reply epicness, April 18th, 2013, 2:21 pm

*Dumpbs hearts and rainbows on you*

There. Done.

Reply greenpowerstar, April 18th, 2013, 5:39 pm

What the heck? The profile says I commented, but it's not here! O_o

@Lugbzurg: Don't try beating my dramaticness! I won't let you!

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 18th, 2013, 5:57 pm

@Lugbzurg: ...

@GabrielsThoughts: Good friends do indeed exist. Just like good people.

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 18th, 2013, 8:26 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound:

That aspect of my statement (with regards to the exchange of goods) on friendship was related to frienemies and rivals. I believe this is why they are often trying to kill each other.

Despite this, I still think Fair weather friends are oxymorons. Since anyone who was really a friend would have genuine care or concern for you if you were in trouble. Not only when the situation would work in their favor as the emotional blackmailers do.

An ally is a person that one has a genuine connection with conditional or otherwise. you know not existing __for__ one another but thriving by means of each other.

Good, being a dynamic of black and white thinking with no gray area is not exactly something you want a friend to be unconditionally.

Otherwise, "little hans" would find himself face down in the river, and then I'd have to go out of my way to sell his wheel barrel and property to cover the cost of the funeral expenses...

huh, I guess I am a cynic.

Also, Prezzie was the one seeking genuine understanding. I can't exactly tell her to watch teenage drama's like Awkward, Juno, Rocket Science, Charles Bartlett, or Kyle XY with no point of reference for the motion picture prescription.

Reply greenpowerstar, April 18th, 2013, 10:32 pm

Why is nobody talking to me? T_T

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 19th, 2013, 1:01 am

@greenpowerstar: I talk to you. :C

Reply epicness, April 19th, 2013, 12:10 pm

How come only Gabriel responded to me ;n;

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 19th, 2013, 11:58 pm



Many apologies I assumed the need for validation and acknowledgment had been met.

Forgive me, I will do my best in the future to entice others to respond to your needs if at all possible.

However, I have yet to develop clairsentience at this time, and I need encouragement and permission to speak on your behalf.

Otherwise, my very presence could be misinterpreted as trolling.

I wholeheartedly thank you for your kindness.

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 20th, 2013, 12:01 am

@GabrielsThoughts: What what and cheerio.

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 20th, 2013, 4:13 am

@Fiora Aroura:

You're English?

Reply epicness, April 20th, 2013, 9:27 am

Do I even know you >>

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 20th, 2013, 10:04 am


Can one ever really know another person?

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 20th, 2013, 11:39 am

@GabrielsThoughts: Yep. I know just the right buttons to push to tick my brother off XD

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 20th, 2013, 3:00 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I thought you may have had a British accent. You use the word "bloody" a lot more than I see from other people on the interwebs.

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 20th, 2013, 5:49 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I didn't mean yep as in I'm English. Yep as in you can know people.
And no, I'm not English. Saying bloody a lot is just a bloody habit that's very easy to get -_-

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 20th, 2013, 5:57 pm

I just heard the Tails doll curse story, and now THAT was pretty first. The stupidity of the kids pretty much ruins the second half of it -_-

Reply greenpowerstar, April 20th, 2013, 8:01 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: *hug*

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 20th, 2013, 9:01 pm

@Fiora Aroura:

I don't think you know that brother of yours as well as you think you do. You know his behavioral patterns because of shared life experiences and social interaction so you have a better than the usual 60% accuracy when predicting events.

This is why you'll find that some of the most competent psychics have PHD's. It's a game of lies. As experts in human behavior/nature they can manipulate, coerce, and fabricate the outcome expertly.

Then there are the psychics like John Edward that subconsciously want to believe that it's true yet on some level know that it isn't. Although He's a good empath, he's not really connecting to the spirit world so much as connecting with another persons ego state.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 20th, 2013, 9:50 pm

@greenpowerstar: *pat pat*

@Fiora Aroura: I know the feeling bro. I've recently gotten into the habit of calling people "shortbus passengers" whenever they say or do something immensely stupid. Half of the time they have no idea it's an insult. X3

@GabrielsThoughts: Don't you think you read way too deep into that? She said she knows how to push her brothers buttons to annoy him, she never claimed to know him to the point of determining his imminent future via social recognition. Are you sure you're giving some sort of insight? Or do you just like to see your words typed?

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 21st, 2013, 1:33 am

@GabrielsThoughts: Dude, I would have NO LIFE if I knew anybody that well 8/

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Bwah ha! Me too XD But always in a joke of course. Literally calling someone a name makes me feel pompous...

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 21st, 2013, 2:13 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound:

Yes, I actually do like to see my words typed. That's why I have all sorts of social media accounts under various names that I troll under 24/7.

I just happen to spend all my time on smackjeeves because then people might suspect I'm a covert moderator. As such, I get automatic deference and it saves me the time and effort of actually having to socialize with anyone.

As to your earlier statement. I realize it isn't my place to pry and it is possible you may find offense to what I'm about to say with regards to your statement to Fiora.

There is something to be said for ignoring an insult (or letting it fly over your head) because of the respect that brings a sparkle into life known as friendship.

People do immensely stupid things regardless of their intelligence. It's not the ones on the short buses you need to worry about.

They've already got their remedial, basic skills, and self-esteem training.

The ones you really need to look out for are the ones that have been marginalized their whole life.

It's like tightening a guitar string until it's strained by an individual who abuses others with words plucks the wrong cord before it just snaps.

@Fiora Arora:

I don't know, I have a hard believing a psychic, psychologist, mentalist, or economist, especially one with the ability to predict future events within some reasonable accuracy, would have no life.

After all, think of the money and the prestige. Not to mention, you could string people along for months without actually providing them with any relavent information or coping skills.

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 21st, 2013, 2:17 am

@GabrielsThoughts: I'm just gunna be straight here. I'm not getting half the things your saying...

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 21st, 2013, 3:07 am

@Fiora Aroura:

No worries then. Most of it wasn't about you anyway. Rest assured that I very much enjoy our recent discussions about nothing in particular.

I ask only that you make the commitment, not an attempt, to read my "Transient Pulse" comic all the way through.

I realize it looks like a fancy hat, but I can assure you it's really a boa constrictor swallowing an elephant in disguise.

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 21st, 2013, 10:57 am

@GabrielsThoughts: Now, what we SHOULD be discussing is Sly Cooper.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 21st, 2013, 11:58 am

@Fiora Aroura: What? No Squid Girl...?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 21st, 2013, 12:24 pm

@GabrielsThoughts: THe key word there being "abuse" I don't overuse words to subject someone to that sort of status. I just use insults to lightly prod at people, usually in jest. How awful would it be if I actually relegated someone into an area where they really don't belong? That'd be how bullies pop up, mate. And I am certainly no bully.

@Fiora Aroura: I was honestly disapointed when Dimitri didn't make any solid appearances in the game. :< Like, really! I like that guy! Sure, he was cheesier than a batch of nachos, but he was always entertaining.

@Lugbzurg: Because SkullGirl is better~

Reply Lugbzurg, April 21st, 2013, 4:02 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: What about Cockroach Girl?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 21st, 2013, 4:14 pm

@Lugbzurg: NO! Skull GIrls beat all! ...Except BlazBlue... because BlazBlue has cat girls. And Squirrel Girls. And Vampire Girls. And Nurses. And Robot Girls. And Magical Girls.

Now, if Skull GIrls had a robotic Cat-Squirrel hybrid, magic using vampire girl who works as a nurse part time, THEN it would beat BlazBlue.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 21st, 2013, 6:52 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Lucky Star has girls. Lots and lots of everyday human moe girls!

Rosario + Vampire has monster girls!

Ok, now this is just getting weird...

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 21st, 2013, 7:07 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: lol cheesier than a bunch of nachos XD
Hey yea, he didn't even get a line! I was so *throws mouse* upset! DX

@Lugbzurg: Nope. Whateverthatis.

Gaston likes Lucky Star XDD

Reply Lugbzurg, April 21st, 2013, 9:20 pm

@Fiora Aroura: "Gaston"?

I like Lucky Star!

Reply greenpowerstar, April 21st, 2013, 11:19 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Never played it. Are you really surprised at this point?

@Lugbzurg: My dad saw Squid Girl at a con he, my sister, her friend, and I went to while the rest of us went to see Hetalia or Doug Walker or Little Kuriboh or something. From how he described it, I thought it sounded pretty... weird.

@Bruce the Hedgehound: lolwut

@Lugbzurg: I haven't seen Rosario + Vampire or Lucky Star yet. *shrug*

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 22nd, 2013, 9:47 am

@Fiora Aroura:

I may not have seen "Lucky Star," but I'm sure I can tolerate it more than that last video.

My exposure to "Rosario Vampire" is limited to "Big Human on Campus." An alternate universe with a superhuman protagonist who was mistaken for a monster when he fought a Phoenix to a stalemate. Aforementioned Phoenix has also been sent to the yokai academy and is bullied quite frequently by everyone since he cannot be killed.

It's funny.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 22nd, 2013, 12:59 pm

@greenpowerstar: You're not old enough for Rosario + Vampire just yet.

You're a-ok for Lucky Star, though!

@GabrielsThoughts: Oddly enough, something very similar happens to Tskune at the
end of the Season 1 (CAPU 1) finale very much like that to keep the status quo going.

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 22nd, 2013, 3:49 pm

The first four episodes of the "Rosario + Vampire" dub are available on hulu.

I've also recently got distracted by "Remi."

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 22nd, 2013, 4:35 pm

*Watches first episode of R+V*

Oh lord, if only the first panty shot I ever saw wasn't in "made of honor" I probably wouldn't be as traumatized as I am now.

Wait... nevermind. That wasn't the first panty shot I ever saw. Thank god for small favors. And, yet, I mysteriously can't help but be disgusted by it every time I watch an anime that needlessly shows off underwear.

If only some brave animator had the guts to make one pair of animated underwear with skidmarks _ONE_ time, there would be no more unnecessary up the skirt shots.

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 22nd, 2013, 6:14 pm

......Well things just got awkward.
@GabrielsThoughts: Whatever happened to spamming Lugbzurgs comic with those things? 8/

@Lguzbugr: "Don't talk about Lucky Star that way!"

Reply Lugbzurg, April 22nd, 2013, 9:05 pm

@GabrielsThoughts: That was the first one I saw on JustDubs. They play a commercial or two before each episode so the people still get their money while you watch for free. Everypony wins!

Yes, the fanservice is that gripping flaw I have with the series. I still like it, though. It has some great characters and it's hilarious. Also it peaked my interest in intelligent fantasy creatures. It also introduced me to succubi. *shudder* There's also supposed to be a third season coming soon. I wonder if they'll get the story from the manga in there involving Kurumu's little accident.

@Fiora Aroura: But I like Lucky Star!

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 22nd, 2013, 9:12 pm

@Lugbzurg: Jade says all that show is is girls talking and talking. No plot XD
As for me, I'm finally finishing up Inuyasha the final act. (in english)
Never thought an anime would make me cry 8/

Reply Lugbzurg, April 22nd, 2013, 10:16 pm

@Fiora Aroura: No overarching plot. Each episode is a self-contained story.
And yet it's one of my absolute favorite animé! It's witty, hilarious, and adorable!

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 22nd, 2013, 11:20 pm

@Lugbzurg: Everyone has their own opinions.

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 22nd, 2013, 11:21 pm

@Fiora Aroura:

I didn't really like the ending to Inuyasha's final act. I thought Kagome made a bad decision.

Then again, for all I know, she could be Ranma's matrilineal ancestor in Takahashi's universe. Which, I might add, would certainly explain the shear amount of chaos surrounding his paradoxical existence.

In that same line of thinking, discovering that one of Miroku's decedents was a transgender kunoichi or that Sango's brother essentially becomes an immortal monster zookeeper with amnesia is depressing.

Reply greenpowerstar, April 23rd, 2013, 2:04 am

Found that missing comment. Seems like I accidentally hit the Author Comment button. Again.

@Lugbzurg: To me, it reminded me of Powerpuff Girls. The hidden references, female main characters (who were pretty well written, especially the one at the end of each episode), cute art style, etc. Would that be a good comparison?

Reply Lugbzurg, April 23rd, 2013, 6:36 am

@Fiora Aroura: Judging by what you've come to enjoy so far, I think you'd like it. A lot.

@greenpowerstar: On the surface, I suppose. The Powerpuff Girls is about others things than Lucky Star, which isn't fantasy-oriented, and none of the characters have superpowers.

Oh, and Akira is just plain SCARY! She's like a mini Yuno!

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 23rd, 2013, 5:14 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Fiora. There is something that I wish to tell you, but you have to promise to NOT squee! Summon your will power and try to not squee at what I'm going to tell you...

Ratchet and Clank are going to have a movie.

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 23rd, 2013, 5:50 pm

(I literally went *gaaaaaaaaasp* when I read that 8D)

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 23rd, 2013, 6:00 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Well, at least you didn't squee. And turns out the directors of the games are behind the story and direction, and the scriptwriter for all the games is writing the movie script too. So really, this movie might turn out to be pretty good. Have you seen the teaser trailer yet?

Reply Lugbzurg, April 23rd, 2013, 6:07 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: SAY WHAAAAA!?
Hurry up, computer! Load that trailer NOW!

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 23rd, 2013, 6:22 pm

@Lugbzurg: *prepares ears for fangirl squee*

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 24th, 2013, 6:04 pm

2 YEARS???? You gotta be crapping my pants DX How about tomorrow? Today? In 5 minutes?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 24th, 2013, 8:04 pm

@Fiora Aroura: o_o; *steps back and builds a baracade*

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 24th, 2013, 10:37 pm

"I'm nawbt drunk Kagome."

"You're completely drunk Inuyasha."

"I'm nabt drunk okay but cin you 'splain somthin to me..why are there two of you?"

XD pfffft

"Come on Kagome, when are you gunna introduus me to yer friend?"

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 25th, 2013, 5:34 am

@Fiora Aroura:

I thought they cleared that up. One of the three Kagome's was the Shippo.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 25th, 2013, 1:47 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Coincidentally enough, I was wearing my Ratchet & Clank shirt already when I saw the trailer.

Why do they keep using the Tools of Destruction suit over and over again!?

@GabrielsThoughts: I remember that! I think they were dancing around. But... who was the second Kagome?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 25th, 2013, 1:51 pm

@Lugbzurg: WHaddya think the innuendo will be for the movie? I heard a joke that it was going to be "Natural Screen Enhancement". Sounds perfect. XD

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 25th, 2013, 4:25 pm

@Lugbzurg: Jelous >:(

Here's a better question. Why are they using the latest model of Ratchet with the shrunken head?! Well at least they're not using the freaky huge Clank with the yellow eyes...

(The second Kagome was Miroku's raccoon guy)

@GabrielsThoughts: This happend in the Final Act. Sango's boomarang gets destroyed and they go to a "master of potions" to fix it. Only his potions are all alcohol, and he throws Inuyasha in one of them and he gets drunk XP

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 25th, 2013, 4:54 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I haven't seen Final Act just yet... Still got some seasons to plow through. So what's the amount of time passed between both series?

Reply Lugbzurg, April 25th, 2013, 7:13 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Perhaps, if we ever meet face-to-face
(like... via videochat or something?), I shall wear my Ratchet & Clank shirt again.
Or maybe my Inuyasha shirt. Or the Sonic one. Tough call.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 25th, 2013, 7:19 pm

@Lugbzurg: It matters not what you wear mang, for the Zelda shirt trumps all else.

By the way Lug, Fire Emblem Awakening just got another free DLC map that includes a new character. Apparently, he's a descendant of Ike, and his starting weapon is the Ragnell(if you're not familiar with the Tellius series, the Ragnell is the heavy golden sword that Ike uses in Super Smash Bros. Brawl).

Reply Lugbzurg, April 25th, 2013, 8:50 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I've only played Fire Emblem 7 so far.

Wait... Nintendo? DLC? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 25th, 2013, 10:33 pm

@Lugbzurg: ("If...if is good.")

Well that's not fair, I don't even have a Spyro shirt! But I do have a Spyro plushie...Ooh! I have to get a Master Chief shirt! 8D

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 25th, 2013, 10:46 pm

@Lugbzurg: Eeyup. Ever since the 3DS and Wii U's online capabilities dwarfe their predecessors, Nintendo's gotten into the habit of getting into DLC. Fire Emblem Awakening is, in fact, the very first Nintendo game ever to have free and paid DLC. On that note, you can recruit Eliwood, Lyn, Hector, Roy, and pretty much everyone from Fire Emblem 7 to join your party in Awakening in DLC maps, and the best part? It's FREE! Today was another pack of maps, but if you got the game anytime now, you will get an enourmous amount of free DLC maps and characters. FYI, Lyn is just as OP as she was in 7.

Another cool thing is that you can obtain weapons belonging to old Fire Emblem heroes. Like Hector's axe, Eliwood's rapier and other gear(you can even get Lyn's Mani Kati, and the Sol Kati, but to the Sol Kati, you'll have to face the deadliest enemies in the game in a DLC map. I STILL can't survive the map with the weapons I procure, it's that hard. They WILL make you work for the best weapons in the game.). I personally prefer Eliwood's rapier because it's very powerful and has plenty of uses, and as for magic, I use Celica's wind magic because it has a high critical hit ratio and ensures a double strike. Even better is that this stacks, so if you already have a chance at landing a double strike, then you can strike 4 times.

Oh yeah... you can create your own character for the game. Forgot to mention that.
Remember how you were the army's tactician in FE7? Well, you're still the tactician, but you're not some faceless, nameless nobody. You have your own character, class, skills, (very large) impact on the story, and best of all, an awesome hooded cloak!

Reply Lugbzurg, April 26th, 2013, 10:34 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: LYN!!!

She and I go way back! Ever since she broke the fourth wall, so to speak, to find out who I was, only to be surrounded by bandits, while I guided her to victory against them, I knew I was in for an awesome adventure!

Seriously, best fourth-wall-breakage (sort of) I've ever seen! I just love how simply inputting your name and gender so the characters can address you properly by name makes them seem so alive! Of course... it only makes things all the more heart-wrenching when they die... and don't respawn.

I will be very glad to have her back in Awakening! I got her so powerful back there. (I even gave her both of the Goddess Icons I received!) And... and... and more maps? More weapons? CHARACTER-CREATION!? That's it. I'm getting myself a 3DS as soon as possible, and that should be the very first game I get myself! I've got a job now, so... I can do this.

@Fiora Aroura: And a Mario shirt, a couple Donkey Kong shirts, a general retro videogame shirt... One of these days, I've totally gotta get myself a Stop 'N' Swop shirt as well as one with the Serious Sam logo.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 27th, 2013, 12:12 am

@Lugbzurg: Actually, there's a funny 4th wall breaking sequence involving Lyn. If you manage to beat her army, just before joining yours, she asks if you are the same avatar that she was friends with during her adventures. Saying yes or no won't change her recruiting you, but she will be happy if you say you remember her, but bummed out if you say no.

Also, the free DLC maps aren't solely exclusive to Fire Emblem 7. The free DLC maps go all the way back the the first Fire Emblem game and all of the Japanese exclusive games. Everyone from Marth to Ike can be joined up, provided you beat them all. THe lower down the list you go, the harder the armies get. In fact, during a fight with Ike, he killed my avatar because it turns out, Ragnell can be used as a ranged throwing weapon too... So, I had to restart, and after I was so close to winning...

Also, remember how you can talk with other characters on the field? Well, every single person in the game can interact with each other and have conversations with each other, which really helps with drawing you to the characters. One cool mechanic is having two characters pair up with each other. When teaming up, they'll get buffs in that particular fight. For instance, at first, you'll only get a higher chance to hit enemies. But if you have a lot of conversations with a character, you'll get other buffs like, avoidance, defense, critical chances. All the good stuff.

But really though, you don't have to take my word for it. You can just look at reviews on the internet. This games got some pretty high scores across the board.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 27th, 2013, 9:03 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I also heard your party members can get married... and have children.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 27th, 2013, 10:38 am

@Lugbzurg: Absolutely. Like I said, you can support characters on the battlefield. But, depending on the gender of your avatar(I'll assume you'd choose male), you can reach an S-Rank support with any female character in the game. It goes C, B, A, then S. Once you hit S-rank, you'll tie the knot with whoever you chose and somewhere down the line, your children will appear and battle alongside you(I'm not going to mention HOW because that's a big spoiler), assuming you can get them out of their debut mission alive. Depending on who you marry, you can have one to two children. First, no matter who you choose to marry, you will always have one child, the mother will determine whether or not you have another. Female avatars will (with the exception of marrying one male) always have a single child.

THis also brings a more tactical approach to the game. Because your kids will inherit what skills you've learned through leveling up and what classes both spouses happen to be at the time. So, do you chose to marry the Pegasus Knight because you genuinely like her personality? Or because you child will gain an ability that will wipe out twice the amount of enemies on the field?

And lemme tell you man, some of the child-parent support conversations are downright hilarious. On my first playthrough, one of my daughters was wondering why I married her mother, even going as far as thinking it was a shotgun wedding! XD (it sounds funny in context).

Although this pretty much means you'll have to play Cupid, pairing up, not just yourself, but other soldiers in the army too.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 29th, 2013, 9:04 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Um...

What just happened to the dragon picture?

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 30th, 2013, 4:41 am


I don't know, obviously. Perhaps she was upset when I mentioned the extra detail of the eyes looked out of place on the flat colored bodies. I also suggested that the lines were as thin as spiderwebs and that a thicker outline might improve the the base form of the characters.

Reply GabrielsThoughts, April 30th, 2013, 6:29 am

@Fiora Aroura:

BuhWah ha ha ha ha ha! You're too late.

I have already used your insecurities against you and have stolen your character designs.

Because what has been seen cannot be unseen.

Muwah ha ha hah!

I will now use your character designs to make bunnies and not dragons.

Because, copyright restrictions require that I make at least three changes for me to claim it as my own.

And, If I use them (your character designs) to make an original parody of your work it has even more protections.

I are an ebil genius! Fear me.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 30th, 2013, 10:14 am

@GabrielsThoughts: Wow, you must be a big fan of Fiora's work. They say immitation is the highest form of flattery.

Reply Lugbzurg, April 30th, 2013, 1:23 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Wow, then Tite Kubo must be a HUGE fan of Dragon Ball Z!

Reply greenpowerstar, April 30th, 2013, 4:01 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Thus, James Rolfe is the most flattered person on the Internet.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 30th, 2013, 5:12 pm

@greenpowerstar: Amen!

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 30th, 2013, 7:02 pm

@GabrielsThoughts: You sick little loser. 30 year old man stalking out kids half your age on the internet. Thinking you're so poetic.
You have no legs yet you think you can teach someone to run.
Get a life.

@Lugbzurg: You disgust me.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, April 30th, 2013, 7:21 pm

*throws 3DS against walls*


Reply greenpowerstar, April 30th, 2013, 7:40 pm

So, apparently I missed this whole conversation about genetic thing-a-jigs and the revelation of real names.

Too bad I missed it because April Fool's distracted me and derailed it. Oh well. My secrets will just have to wait even longer.


Reply Lugbzurg, April 30th, 2013, 8:34 pm

@Fiora Aroura: What? Bleach copied a lot from Dragon Ball Z. A LOT.

Reply Fiora Aroura, April 30th, 2013, 9:34 pm

@Lugbzurg: I really couldn't care less.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 1st, 2013, 7:07 pm

@Fiora Aroura & @Lugbzurg: *blows whistle* Okay you two, break it up. Don't make me give the puppy dog eyes and/or sell tickets to this event!

Reply Lugbzurg, May 2nd, 2013, 6:30 am

@Fiora Aroura: So... what? Does Dragon Ball Z really irritate you that much? Whatever for?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 2nd, 2013, 1:06 pm

@Lugbzurg: *shows Lug the hours of filler and power-up scenes that last hours on end* This is probably a good example.

Reply Lugbzurg, May 2nd, 2013, 3:00 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Isn't that basically Inuyasha without the repetition?

Reply greenpowerstar, May 2nd, 2013, 4:37 pm

*only watches 3 or 4 animes*


Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 2nd, 2013, 5:15 pm

@Lugbzurg: Far from it actually. There's an over arching love triangle throughout the story and acceptance. DBZ tends to have many arcs.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 2nd, 2013, 6:15 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Not to mention it's hideous X( Not even the abridged series is good.

Inuyasha is an epic.

Reply Lugbzurg, May 2nd, 2013, 6:49 pm

Inuyasha and Dragon Ball Z are pretty much in the same boat. They're both action-shonen where powerful protagonists with big hair beat up monsters for the duration of the series. Violence solves just about anything either way.

They drag on for a very long time. While Dragon Ball Z is infamous for its large amount of padding (What, Goku's STILL charing the Spirit Bomb!?), Inuyasha should not be ignored for how often it repeats the exact same, unchanged plot elements over and over and over again. (Hold on, we're fighting Kohaku, because he's faking-being-brainwashed, AGAIN!?)

I'd say they're in the same class of excellence. They tend to be lighthearted and campy most of the time. Several characters have powerful transformations that make them stronger, and both protagonists are afraid of really silly things (Needles for Goku; Spicy food for Inuyasha).

The writing for both can be kind of cheesy, but also have plenty of charm to them. Fight scenes are practically GUARANTEED to have warriors shouting out the names of their attacks before, during, or even after using them. (Kamehameha; Wind Scar!) It's also likely you'll be seeing the fight suddenly screech to a halt when the bad guy feels the need to explain his backstory for some reason.

Expect some simple character development. (Gohan stops being such a whiny child; Inuyasha stops being such a jerk). Expect enemy groups you can't help but chuckle at for varying reasons. (The Ginyu force for their goofy poses and silly banter; The Band of Seven for the fact that, even though they aren't related, all their names rhyme.)

There's the darker rival (Vegeta; Koga) to the protagonist who's more of a jerk and comes from a high end of a noble warrior tribe and thinks he's somehow better than the hero, even though his power can't match up.

Unless you're some kind of angry, spiteful elitist who despises all things similar to your preference, it's EXTREMELY likely that if you like one, you'll like the other. Both of these shows look a lot alike, act a lot alike, and are overall very much alike to the core. Although, to break this equalityesqueness, it should also be noted that Dragon Ball Z has been the most influential animé on Earth (it came out in 1989 and so much animé follows its example, Inuyasha included), it's got a larger, more differentiating cast, and a lot more characters die (besides the ones that come back to life).

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 2nd, 2013, 7:07 pm

@Lugbzurg: Blah blah blah -_-

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 2nd, 2013, 7:24 pm

That reminds me, I have to finish collecting the series. *goes to and buys season 2 and 3 of Inuyasha*

Man, I love internet shopping! ^^ It's like real shopping. But nobodies overweight mothers roll over your shoes on their little scooter things.

Reply Lugbzurg, May 2nd, 2013, 7:48 pm

How mature... Of course, within the Inuyasha/Dragon Ball Z category, I much more prefer Disgaea.
More class, more interesting characters, and its got ANGELS, as well as demons!

Also, Flonne is adorable. That's important...ish.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 2nd, 2013, 8:17 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Watching the Final Act, I just think "Hehe, remember when the poisonous insects were actually a threat?" XD

Reply Lugbzurg, May 2nd, 2013, 8:20 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Hmmm... Now that I think of it, I haven't seen any half-demons in Disgaea. Maybe I should look at that Devil May Cry series.

Reply Lugbzurg, May 2nd, 2013, 8:38 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Yes, I am. As is everyone else.
In fact, I tried to say something non-hostile, and argument-defusing, but you seem to love the hostility for some reason, since you threw it right back with absolutely no prompt whatsoever.

This is yet another one of those days where it seems the relationship between you and I is just like this animé intro.
Just not as happy and "affectionate".

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 2nd, 2013, 8:55 pm

(and that was the most messed up crap I've ever seen!)

Reply greenpowerstar, May 2nd, 2013, 10:32 pm

This'll be a while. :/

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 3rd, 2013, 12:56 am

@Lugbzurg: Ha! Bludgeoning Angel: Dokuro-chan!! I thought I was the only one here who's even heard of that anime! Oh and... You might wanna think differently about how you present that intro to people, because the lyrics are about the sick, torturous things Dokuro does to Sakura on a daily basis.

@Fiora Aroura: If you think the intro is messed up try looking at the anime (on second thought, don't.). 1 minute and 30 seconds into the very first episode of the series, and Dokuro smashes Sakura's head with a metal bat, painting his bedroom walls with brains and blood. He gets brought back to life a second later but still. Also, Sakura's horrifically bloody murders are actually played for laughs in the show.

There was one moment in particular where she smashed his spine backwards so hard that his fluids blasted up and rained down, which entertained Dokuro so much that she did it again... not 4 seconds after Sakura came back to life.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 3rd, 2013, 10:14 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Yea. You'd have to be pretty sick and twisted to like something like that.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 3rd, 2013, 12:36 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Well it's done for the sake of comedy. So, people into dark humor are gonna be into it.

Reply Lugbzurg, May 3rd, 2013, 12:42 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Then, perhaps Bruce and I are sick and twisted. In any case, that video was EXTREMELY relevant to what's happening RIGHT NOW. But that's certainly better than constant screaming, profanity, and sex jokes.

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I see what's going on, now. Stop me if you've heard this one (you probably have).

Something in Fiora's personal life has gotten her pissed off and she doesn't want to talk to us about it. Rather, she's venting out her frustration here onto the rest of us, slamming about 99% of the attacking blows at my face for reasons unknown. In this depressing state, she's lost her ability to make witty combacks, form any kind of logic, and act her age.

This is about the third or fourth time it's happened to her. I'm familiar with the pattern by now. It's just like all the other times. In fact, it's following in the footsteps of all those other occurrences so closely that it isn't even leaving its own prints.

Give her a couple weeks or so to sort herself out on her own accord like the last two or three times, and she'll be fine, trying to make up for it in some sweet way like before. Considering that just before this started, she was asking weather or not she's actually really bad at her artistry and we're all just being nice and simply not telling her that, I get the feeling someone was insulting her drawing skills in person. That may be more or less the case. Let's just see what happens and act to her aid as necessary.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 3rd, 2013, 2:11 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Dark humor. Like people who think it's totally hilarious to chase down animals and run them over in their car. I avoid those people.

@Lugbzurg: How insulting! You've just admitted that you have to be fake in order to get something from someone.
And if you figure that there's something going on in my life, why would you start calling me stupid and immature?

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 3rd, 2013, 4:25 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Okay, THAT sort of dark humor is pretty messed up. But I'm refering to dark humor in the entertainment light. I, myself, would never run down a turtle if I saw it crawling across the street, but I do take some carnal delight in seeing a limb or two torn off in anime. I did say I really enjoy Deadman Wonderland, after all. It takes all kinds, really. Different people are entertained by different things. Doesn't necessarily mean they're bad people.

@Lugbzurg: Maybe it's not a matter of psychological trauma. Fiora just probably ins't the person who's comfortable talking about stuff like that. She was raised different from you and me, and just because she has different views on something doesn't always mean she suffered some sort of incident. Not everyone has to have the same views Lug, we're all different y'know.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 3rd, 2013, 4:35 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: All the same, I'm not comfortable around that. I tell myself way too much "what if that happened to me?'
I wouldn't want someone laughing at the fact that I could never draw again because my limbs were cut off >_>

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 3rd, 2013, 5:00 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I understand completely. :) Stuff that we see in the movies or on TV can scare us and make us think "What if..." I can empathize with you, I really can. That being said, I'll be respectful and mind what I say about stuff like that in the future.

Reply Lugbzurg, May 3rd, 2013, 7:07 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I just knew you were going to say that.

I've known you so well, I could tell that would be your reaction, even in this state you're so rarely in.

It's only because you're practically intoxicated by your own blind rage that you would see multiple respectful compliments as insults.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 3rd, 2013, 7:41 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Ya ever try to teach a dog to walk across a teeter totter?

@Lugbzurg: Shut up and go back to your gory anime. Yuck.
You know what, we really should just not be friends, if this is how it's always going to be.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 3rd, 2013, 7:49 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Actually, yes I have. Since my dog is tiny and all, she had a hard time getting to the upper side. Then almost fell over when she reached the top and it started to tip. It was so cute. ^^

@Lugbzurg: Lug, c'mon man. You just keep digging yourself a bigger hole here. If you know she's going to react the way she does, then why are you just sitting there and letting it happen? If you really don't like her acting that way, shouldn't you take it upon yourself to fix it? Or at least say sorry?

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 3rd, 2013, 9:45 pm

Oh no not this again...

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I've been training my dog to do that all day. He gets to be my senior project ^^

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 3rd, 2013, 9:49 pm

@Fiora Aroura: If he has a hard time trying to get over the ramp, just do what I do; use a cooked strip of bacon to get him over to the other side. My dog, Sugar, absolutely loves bacon(though not as much as me!), so she got over the ramp with more effort. ...Still earned me some odd stares of concerned parents at the park. Ah well, at least the kids enjoyed playing with her.

Reply epicness, May 3rd, 2013, 9:57 pm


Reply Fiora Aroura, May 3rd, 2013, 10:07 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I try that, but then he just goes around to the other side and grabs it off the end XD I just had to research it and start from scratch. First you get him used to a wobble board. (Use a big square board and put a prop under it so it tilts all over, and give him a treat every time he walks on it and it tilts) Then I could move on to a rectangle shape and put a prop under that, then just increase the size of the prop till he's used to it, then start working on the bigger teeter totter, then there are MORE steps to that. Yea, it's just taking a while, but he learns fast thank goodness XD I also need to get him to do weaving poles and hurdle jumping before next Thursday, that's when it's due.
His name is Joey, btw, named after the Joey in YuGiOh ^^ and the funny thing is that I have a kitten named Yugi, and Joey totally bullies him all the time (when he thinks I'm not looking >:( ) just like they do in the beginning of the show XD pssh...

@epicness: No no, don't start doing that again. I have things to figure out for myself.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 3rd, 2013, 10:16 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Sounds like a real project with the effort you're putting in. Honestly, Sugar and I just did it on the fifth or so attempt on a random day in the park. So, what's your project all about?

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 3rd, 2013, 10:24 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Some dogs are easier than others :p
Dog training! I've always been interested in that ^^ So far I've taught him a couple doggy tricks (sit, down, roll over, wave, salute, spin, and speak) Also leash behavior, and going to lay in a bed when people are eating at the table. Now I'm just doing some agility training.

Hey, he just jumped up on my lap and started licking my nose XD

Reply greenpowerstar, May 4th, 2013, 2:14 am

That's it. I give up. I was gonna write some long post why you two should stop arguing and get along, but I'd be wasting my energy because I can't write well, and even if I do, everyone would just ignore me like they always do, IRL or here. Screw this.

I'd be laughing at the irony of this with the picture, but I'm too busy crying because of how frequent this happens.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 4th, 2013, 9:56 pm

@greenpowerstar: I don't know why you care. This comic is dead so there's really no point for any of us to still be here >_> <_<

Reply greenpowerstar, May 5th, 2013, 12:55 am

@Fiora Aroura: Because I care about you guys. I'm sorry I'm no good at writing, drawing, spriting, etc. and I'm so freaking busy. I want to update, but my computers are broken, and I'm a busy, yet talentless person.

But if you two would rather argue because some dumb anime intro rather than get over it and get along, then I won't care.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 5th, 2013, 8:59 pm

@greenpowerstar: "But I never intended all this madness, never. And nobody really understood- well how could they?- That all I ever wanted was to bring them something great! Why does nothing ever turn out like it should?
Well what the heck? I went and did my best, and by gosh I really tasted something swell. And for a moment, why, I even touched the sky and at least I left some stories they can tell. I did!"


Reply Fiora Aroura, May 7th, 2013, 6:12 pm

@greenpowerstar: Eh.

But watch this video ^^

Ah. I freakin love the Chief ^_^

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 8th, 2013, 2:41 am

@Fiora Aroura: Sooo... uh. I picked up a character in StreetPass on my Fire Emblem: Awakening file...

This person's avatar had purple hair, was a Dragon Rider class and had a personal customized spear called "Fiora Spear". Now, I dunno if this was someone making a tribute to the character Fiora from another Fire Emblem game... but the fact that THAT Fiora rode a Pegasus, and THIS Fiora is riding a dragon, WITH purple hair kinda raises an eyebrow.

Reply greenpowerstar, May 8th, 2013, 7:19 am

@Fiora Aroura: Death Battle! :D

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Well, that's odd.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 8th, 2013, 10:55 am

@greenpowerstar: Death Battle is fun. ^^ 'specially the Link VS. Cloud Strife fight. Awesomeness.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 8th, 2013, 3:27 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Heheh ^^ Well, the name is kinda a dragon name. Fire.
And who doesn't love purple?

I was surprised Link won. I mean, with that big blade Cloud has and everything. Kind of like pitting Link against Ike. Usually Ike would win. But I don't know. I didn't see that one. I saw Master Chief vs Doomguy, Rainbow Dash vs Starscream, Sonic vs Mario, and Dr. Robotnik vs Wily.
My brother actually found them and called me down to watch the master chief one, since he knew how much I liked that guy ^^
Maybe I'll check out a couple others...

Reply greenpowerstar, May 8th, 2013, 4:13 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I wasn't surprised that Starsceam lost his battle with Dash. I'm just surprised at... how he lost.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 8th, 2013, 4:32 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I think Link's victory was justified on many accounts. First, Link has had over 12 generations of ancestry that was passed onto him and each new incarnation, so right off the bat, he has the skill and know-how for battle without training. Cloud's fighting skill was only inherited through Mako Poisoning, he doesn't actually HAVE training, just memories of it.

Second, battle in both of the franchises differs greatly. Cloud's only strategy is to run up and slash an opponent, where Link has to find ways to get around defenses. In Final Fantasy, an armored foe will still go down if you tried slashing at it, it would just take less damage. In Zelda, if a foe has armor, you need to find a way around it. No exceptions.

Third, one aspect that makes Cloud so physically strong is because he has JENOVA's cells in his blood stream. JENOVA is an inherently evil force that tried to destroy the world. The Master Sword, is magically forged to deal with evil specifically. Whatever wounds Link inflicted on Cloud, despite his alignment as a Neutal party, would hurt much worse because he literally has the presence of evil inside of him.

Finally, where Cloud has brute strength, Link has brains. While it's true, in a straight sword fight, Link would lose hands down. He's simply not strong enough against Cloud's super human muscle, BUT, because Link is a natural puzzle solver, he can get around Cloud's simple "run and hack" technique and find his weaknesses.

In short, this match is actually a very good example of Brains over Brawn. Sure, Cloud was strong, but Link was smart.

This one is one of my favorites. XD

@greenpowerstar: To be honest, I was surprised too. I never expected Dash to win that one... doubly, with how she finished the battle.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 8th, 2013, 4:39 pm

@greenpowerstar: and tolerance almost killed her! I was so excited....

Well, there wasn't very much to see.
Master Chief vs Doomguy (OF COURSE ^_^)
Wily vs Eggman (Scratch and Grounder made me laugh so hard in the battle XD)
Starscream vs Rainbow Dash (*puke*)
Spiderman vs Batman (was actually betting on Batman 8/ but it's okay, I like them both)
Link vs Cloud (still not so sure about that one...)
Zelda vs Peach (was infuriated but how they explained it, understandable)
Sonic vs Mario (ha. was there any doubt? ^^)
Luke Skywalker vs Harry Potter (eh)
Justin Beiber vs Rebecca Black (lolwut? XD)
Vageta vs Shadow (boring on both sides -_- even the abridged series had me yawning)
Zitz vs Leonardo (Das how it should be -^-)
Rogue vs Wonder Woman (Awesome ^^ also kind of a no brainer)
Boba Fett vs Samus Aran (Yea. Samus' gun range is pretty pathetic, but the opponent wasn't much so she at least won that I guess -_-)

I wonder if they'll do Spyro...or Ratchet...or Sly...or Jak...or Lara Croft...

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 8th, 2013, 4:52 pm

@Fiora Aroura: The creators already confirmed that the next Death Battle will be Lion-o Vs. He-Man. I also recommend checking out Goku Vs. Superman, but grab yourself a bag of chips and a soda or something because that Death Battle is LOOOONG! It's a half hour!

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 8th, 2013, 6:23 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I don't even know who those guys are...8/ But I've never really cared that much about Superman and I think Goku is a character from dragonball z, and that show just reminds me of Ultimate Muscle, so Imma stay far away from it XD

Ooh! And Inuyasha! That would be an interesting one.
Or Sesshoumaru against Sephiroth.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 8th, 2013, 6:36 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I'm pretty sure Sesshoumaru would beat Sephiroth pretty easily. He's much faster than him and... well, he's a demon. He could just eat him if he had a mind to.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 8th, 2013, 6:43 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: I agree. You haven't even seen his Bakusaiga, have you? :3

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 8th, 2013, 8:39 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Can't say I have. Is that a movie? Because I've never seen any of the movies.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 9th, 2013, 4:23 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: He gets the Bakusaiga in the Final Act. Plus his left arm is restored ^^

Well today was my Senior Project day. My doggie did really well. Everyone loved him ^_^

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 10th, 2013, 9:10 am

@Fiora Aroura: It just took until now for me to realize precisely WHAT Bakusaiga was. Is it another sword made from his father's fang?

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 10th, 2013, 11:11 am

@Bruce the Hedgehound: No. Sesshomaru spent all that time learning to master the Meido Zangetsuha, but then Inuyasha's Tessaiga absorbed it, meaning Sesshomaru had no more inheritance from his father. All of it went to Inuyasha. But when that happened, Sesshomaru got his very own sword that was created from his very own power.

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 10th, 2013, 12:39 pm

@Fiora Aroura: I really gotta continue and finish the series so I can get into Final Act.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 10th, 2013, 12:44 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: While you're doing that, watch my doggie ^^

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 10th, 2013, 12:52 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Wow. Joey's so adorable! He's also bigger than Sugar... and she's 3 years old right now. :/ Although, Sugar is tiny as anything. You know she's afraid to go near the kitchen sink anymore? One time, when she was a pup, she got trapped in a glass cup, butt first.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 10th, 2013, 8:59 pm

@Bruce the Hedgehound: He is a cutie ^_^
I'm guessing she must be a more miniature dog then. Lol, that would have been so cute to see! XD

Do you remember when I said there was a kid who sat behind me in my school who was a fan of my comic? She made me a Zirra sculpture! 8D

Reply greenpowerstar, May 10th, 2013, 10:11 pm

I wake up and the first thing I hear is my dad blasting Gangam Style on the TV. So, what going on-


Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 10th, 2013, 10:22 pm

@Fiora Aroura: Yeah. Sugar was the runt of the litter. When she was first born(oh yeah, we've been together since her birth.) she looked like a fat grub worm. Had to feed her with an eye dropper because she was too small to be fed with a normal bottle...

*clicks link* o_o *slams Favorite button*

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 11th, 2013, 2:43 am

@greenpowerstar: :D ^_^

(I don't get why people are so into this Gangam style thing lately. It's so stupid X( )

@Bruce the Hedgehound: Daaaaw ^^
Speaking of puppies, my Schnauzer had her puppies a few days ago. She's so cute with them :)

I know XD Some days I just can't stop staring at it.

Oh, btw, have you seen this?

Reply greenpowerstar, May 11th, 2013, 9:18 am

@Fiora Aroura: I'd link you to Todd In The Shadows review to explain why this thing being popular is kinda dumb and the parodies dumber, but I'm on an iPod, so you'll have to Google it. :<

Sly Cooper recently caught my interest, however like when I couldn't get Smash Bros. and the Wii at age 9, I can't get a PS2, PS3, PC, Wii U, or any games I want for those systems, including Sly. :c

Reply Bruce the Hedgehound, May 11th, 2013, 9:46 am

@Fiora Aroura: Wow, the video looks really nice!

Also, I can't speak for everyone on the planet, but I personally like Gangnam Style because the music is so catchy.

Reply Fiora Aroura, May 11th, 2013, 11:45 pm

Wow, there are waaay to many comments here and--....sheesh, I'm such a baby! DX Why would I hide my cutesy dragon picture?

Curse myself.

Move these comments there guys.

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